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Strategies I Learned Becoming a VP

Author Ron Plachno was part of the Cellular beginnings and went from an Electronics Engineer in that wildly expanding business to a VP, and later to a Sr. VP.  He shares what he learned and what some very talented people taught him along the way.  This book covers many subjects and hopefully should have something for almost every person.  But it might be particularly targeted for the young or young at heart as they start to make their way in business.  Click Here for More Information

The Complete Blackjack Survival Kit

Based on simulations of more than 16 billion blackjack hands, this book shows best plays for basic blackjack plus some of the newer blackjack variations.  It also uses math and simulations to examine betting and staking strategies.  But even more it then uses statistics to find out what all of this means.  While many blackjack books say you can win, win, win, have you noticed your neighbor has not quit his day job?  And that Casinos still offer Blackjack?  Click Here for More Information

Becoming a One Person Band

Gives hints and thoughts on how to go from being a keyboard player (piano, organ, keyboard, accordion) to putting together a recording of perhaps 4 to 16 parts.  Of course those not into keyboards but into guitars or other instruments, also might find this helpful.  While this book does cover some recording techniques, equipment and adjustment, it concentrates mostly on music theory, chord theory and like for how to approach putting a multi piece song together.  Click Here for More Information  

  New:  Freeware Section (contributions optional)  Software Downloads (click here)  

New!  rpfilemgr, rpsoft2000 File Manager


rpsoft 2000 File Manager (rpfilemgr)
Can show 2 file areas at once for convenience.  Copy, move, rename files and more.  Rapid startup of programs by double clicking, or of files by double clicking using "associate".  Can do manual or auto slide shows of jpg, jpeg or bmp files.... more...
  Gives chord fingerings for piano, guitar, or most stringed instruments.  Or if you give it the note names, it can try and determine the name of the chord.  A very popular seller.  
  Allows you to change file names and extensions, either one at a time, or for a whole directory or several embedded directories.  Great for renaming digital photos to the actual event.  Popular.  
  Multiple Calculators and screens for quick reference.  Has a business calculator with simulated paper roll and scientific, metric conversions, mortgage calculator, custom and much more.  
  Fun  blackjack game that allows you set up shills at your table for company, and also includes hint charts for your usage.  You can also change rules for many normal variations of the game.  
(uses a database approach)  
  Memory is easy for computers but hard for us humans.  This program allows storage and filing of hundreds of names, emails, addresses and more data of your contacts, and also important passwords and notes.  We use it constantly ourselves.  
  This program can scan one site or multiple sites looking for key words or phrases or even email addresses.  Did someone promise you a link to your site?  Do you have time to check their hundreds of pages?  This can.  
  A simple means of storing data like passwords or even lines of script or even paragraphs.  We ourselves still use this quite a lot even though a new version is also included in emaddy2 above.  it does not use a database so small items of data will work well here.  Click item to send it to the clipboard for pasting.  
  A simple means of storing email addresses that even allows you to group them together (short groupings) if you often send to several people.  Does not use a database and so is simpler than the contact info in emaddy2.  Just click to send the email address to the clipboard so you can paste it in most any email program.  

note:  rpsoft 2000 was registered as a US trademark;
rpsoft 2000 IP also includes 18 US software copyrights received or now pending with US Library of Congress




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