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Important CD Rom Shipping information below here.

Current expected shipping delay (before product ships):  One week or less

Windows Programs - CD Rom - for Windows 98, Me, 2000, XP (note additional shipping costs)

SORRY - CD ROM Options have been discontinued

We will continue to offer software downloads of our software as long as our partner Virtual Software continues that on our behalf

   rpsoft 2000 Licenses for additional users ($5.00 per additional user (2 additional users minimum purchase) for any of our software programs.  Note that the original software must have been purchased previously as a separate item.)

usage note:  Must add at least two additional users ($10 minimum).  Enter 1 less than than the number of licenses desired since shipping will add $5.  For example, for 2 users (the least number) enter 1 item desired.  That will be $10 ($5 plus $5 shipping).  If four additional licenses required, enter 3 as the number of items needed.

Note also:  This additional license item was added primarily for our new emaddy2 database program which allows multiple users and profiles.  However, this item can be used for any of our programs to add licenses to any of them.


$100 worth of licenses (25 users)





* Shipping and Handling Costs will be added to these prices

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