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Why Socialism Cannot Work

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Why Socialism Cannot Work
it deals in fish and not fishing poles

Socialism Cannot Work since it deals in Fish

Socialism, Communism, and even Big Government are all doomed to fail since they deal in fish.  Huh? You Ask?  I feel dumb.  Several people tried to explain this to me in the past. Even Glen Beck used pies.  But I missed it until I looked into it closer.  The answer for me is in that statement:

Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.  - A Chinese proverb  (yes, people WERE smart at one time, way back in history)

The problem is that governments deal in fish while capitalism deals in fishing poles.  Consider the world long ago when people were either hunters or something similar.  I was not alive then.  But from movies I would think there was some good and some bad.  The good might be that some people at least only worked 2 hours a day in order to catch kill and prepare an antelope for dinner.  Then they had 22 hours a day for social events such as dancing, face painting, or shrinking heads.  But what was not there?  No decent houses or medicine, no air conditioning cars or wide screen TVs.  So work 2 hours a day, but then die at age 45 without ever having listened to Oprah.  So while some people today say that wealth is unevenly distributed, there was almost no wealth to distribute at one time so almost everyone was poor and died young.

Then along came capitalism and capitalistic pigs.  Oink.  One person like Henry Ford might have said - hey I am no good at making medicine or farming or building my own house, but I can do this car thing.  So he made cars and sold them and was given money.  And with that money he then bought a house, medicine, food and lived happily ever after.  That was possible since some others farmed, some made medicine and some went into construction.  Only - he was no longer working 2 hours a day to just kill an antelope, but more likely 10 hours a day including travel to work and maybe even more hours than that.  But when modern capitalist pig man and woman did rest, they had a house, ac, cars, food, medicine, and they now lived long enough to watch Andy Griffith reruns - at least until that fateful day when God forbid Andy said good things about Obamacare and the industrious destroyed their own TV set.

So, along comes socialism and says "Look at all of that wealth!  Those people have cars and ac and medicine and live long while the poor people killing antelopes have none of that.  We must take that wealth and give it to the poor and redistribute wealth."  But when they do that, they only dealt in fish.  They gave money, they gave food, but oddly, they gave no jobs nor did they give education on how to contribute and make value in society and then reap benefits.  So each week the socialistic big government takes money and food from those who are industrious and gives them to the antelope munchers.  But nothing ever gets better.  In fact it gets worse.  As the money leaves the industrious, at first they begin to work 12 hours a day, 14 hours a day, to pay taxes, but then at some point they have no money to keep their businesses going.  The car industry dies.  The medicine making industry dies, and the crops die in the field without water since we now have ecology and we must save the delta smelt so industry gets no water.  What socialism does - is kill the fishing poles.  There are still some remaining fish to eat from the good old days, but they will soon be gone.  And then after the socialists are done, the good news is that we now only have to work two hours a day, killing an antelope - that is if PETA lets us.  And we begin to die again at half the age we could have had.  This dying young we will be told is also a feature, since socialist eugenics tell us that the world should have fewer people.

The dummies are dealing in fish !  fish! I say.  They are killing fishing poles while only looking at the fish

How do you fix a recession?  Easy.  First of all you agree that a government cannot do that, only industry can.  Then you lower taxes so industry can buy more fishing poles.  Then you lower regulations to allow them to fish more places.  Then you make government smaller so less taxes are needed and there is no government debt accrued - and then - you get out of the way.  Bush did this somewhat with his tax cuts and unlike what his opponents say, there was a good growth from 2003 to 2007 after his tax cuts. 

Go here or here for full discussions of the Bush era.  It first it looks awful, I admit, but it was a complex time with three recessions, a recession recovery plan that was working, war costs, and more.  Bush did not "have peace in his time".  And yes, yes, Clinton had a time of peace with  not much in recessions or war, but I still have to say he did well.