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Note:  This is an internal information page of emaddy2 database program with contact manager, calendar, tasks, general memory bank and more.  For the main page for this software, please click here.

contact details screen of emaddy2 database software

The above shows another of the tabs of the contacts screen for the emaddy2 database program.

  1. ALWAYS use the “Add New” button before adding a contact.  Yes, it will change its title to “Save” after it is pressed. When done with all entries, press it a second time to save the contact.

  2. Fill in the data.  Ensure for contacts that you have a unique “Name to Display” selected.  Note that the pull down arrow may give you some selections.  Note also that there are 5 tabs of details that can be filled in for each contact.

  3. Ensure the right formats.  For dates use:  mm/dd/yyyy.  For time use for example:  10:22 PM   or  10:22:00 PM

  4. Before finishing, be sure to select categories for this contact ( the check boxes near screen bottom).  Perhaps the person both relates to your business, but is also a friend?  Check those that apply.  Change are type names if you wish under “Options” and then “Group Titles”.

  5. When all of the data is filled in and the formats are right, press “Save” to save this contact.  You can always edit it later – directly.  Editing is much less complex than adding a new record.  Changes go immediately into the data base.

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