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emaddy 2 DATABASE

main screen



Note:  This is an internal information page of emaddy2 database program with contact manager, calendar, tasks, general memory bank and more.  For the main page for this software, please click here.

main screen of emaddy2 database software

The above is the main screen of the emaddy2 database program.

main function:  MAIN SCREEN – quick readout of contact information, email usage, phone number read, and quick access by icons to other screens

Starting at the upper left and going around counter-clockwise - some of the features and usages:

  1. Click on icons at the screen top to get to other screens and functions quickly
  2. 7 quick click buttons to bring up 7 different groups of contacts to be displayed in the below list box.  These preferences can be set under “Options”
  3. Click one contact name to view their phone numbers and email addresses on the right. Or check boxes on the left of each to group several for email send.  Double-click to show details and for edit.

  4. Note that gray buttons on the left will send the info on the right to the computer clipboard. “B” will show home / business options..

  5. Multi usage screen, whose function can be set by above buttons.  Status, or contact addresses.  Note that a blue area shows contact info, and yellow shows general info.

  6. Quick readout of contact info for contact selected on left.  Gray buttons when clicked send that info to the computer clipboard.

  7. Optional: Select signatures or addresses.  Then select which one to send to the clipboard for usage
Email Usage:  one contact? Select the contact on the left from the list, and then click the gray button for business or personal email.  Once on the clipboard, then use “shift and insert” to paste into your email program
Multiple Email Contacts: click and check-mark the boxes for each contact.  Software will combine the addresses and put them on the clipboard for you.

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