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Of course, since there are many Blackjack dealers in the world, the answer must have to be "some do and some do not." But I would think with just some precautions, at least I myself would not worry about Blackjack Dealers cheating. Why Not? Well, if one sticks to the expensive Casinos in Las Vegas, Lake Tahoe, and other places, those extremely expensive casinos have much to lose. Why would they risk the loss of their very expensive business over cheating at a Blackjack table likely with people placing minimum bets mostly? It would make no sense. And another question would be to ask yourself, are the dealers even capable of cheating? In the expensive casinos, again, probably yes, since some seem to be able to deal as fast as the wind but more accurately. However in some other casinos, such as on Indian Reservations and other places more "folksy," I have seen Blackjack dealers deal cards that even flew off the table. Are those dealers cheating? Not likely. And so in a large expensive casino that has much to lose, even if their dealers might be capable of cheating, I do not worry much about that.

In fact, one should also look for motive, as I feel certain the casinos also do. It is in the interests of the dealers most of the time for the players to win. Why? Players tip more when they win and generally they tip not at all when they lose. So it can be in the interests of some dealers that if they are going to cheat, they might cheat for the benefit of the players in order to get tips. And I feel certain that the "eye in the sky" in some large casinos is also watching the dealers closely to ensure that they are not cheating for the players.

Now on the other hand, I would never play Blackjack in an online casino, since there are sometimes no safeguards there. An online casino may be based out of a country that just does not care about gambling and does not even care about cheating. And anyone who has a website knows that you can change domains for not much money at all. And so online casinos instead of losing many millions from cheating in an expensive resort casino, might be able to change location for $20 or so external costs, with some software work in addition. Not much incentive to "not cheat" - very unlike the expensive resort casinos. Also, again, we need to ask, "could cheating happen on an online casino?" I have simulated blackjack with software and also of course can write additional software. I could write an online program that could fix the odds on Blackjack and also remove any visible traces of that being noticed. How? It could simply make some cards disappear from the deck, but continually change which cards those are, such that the customer observer notes no obvious trend. And if I can do that... so could the online Blackjack places... the ones that can move for $20 US currency or so. And so, I just would never play at an online casino.

I might also be at least a little worried about cheating if I were a high roller and a Blackjack casino brought out a special single dealer for my private table. See? If I accuse them of cheating, it is just my word versus theirs. And what proof would I have anyway? And likely the high stakes dealer that the casino brings out, is talented enough to have many skills. But again, this is just my opinion. And my opinions on all of the above really simply come down to, "What are the rewards versus the risks... for that business." And yes, it is best to play, where "they" also have much that they could lose.


The Complete Blackjack Survival Kit Book   The Complete Blackjack Survival Kit Book

A number of books tell you that you can put the odds in some Blackjack games in your favor. Is that true? Yes. But does that mean you can win consistently? That is indeed another question. If you can win consistently why has your neighbor not yet quit his job and moved to Vegas? Why are the casinos still in business? This book uses math and a high speed blackjack computer simulator to get to the bottom of some of these mysteries. It also of course looks at "best play" - and for some different versions of the games. It also looks at betting schemes and some myths that you commonly hear at the gaming tables. And why is this information valid? Are computers smarter than we are? Goodness no. Computers are merely faster. A computer can review results from many billions of hands of play getting far more experience faster than even a very practiced player. That is what computers really add: speed. Who wants to spend 60 years learning? This book provides something of a summary, that I see matches at least what I have seen in real life, and in some popular valid movies on the same subject.


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