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You might think that this section is about appearance, but it is not. And the reason for this is that the title might sound like some commercials that say ďNever let them see you sweat." But no, this is not about appearance. One of the biggest problems of fear that I see is that it can stop you from thinking. And if you stop thinking, then you most likely can and will make mistakes.

Once at work I was asked by the Vice President, that I was working for, to come up with a plan to triple the size of our Manufacturing, and he wanted it soon. At first the idea seemed so ridiculous to me that I just became scared, likely catatonic, and said nothing. Then the VP said something like, "And I want it by the End of the Week!"

How does one deal with fear like this, which is blocking thought? Well, I have learned that for me that when I begin "working an issue" it begins to become just hard work and thinking and does not involve fear at all. So then I decided to break down this assignment. Simplistically, from a design standpoint, a Factory could simply be considered a combination of fine people, machines, floor space and inventory parts. And so, if one multiplied up each of those by 3, then we had an answer. And that would be 3 times as many people, 3 times as much floor space and so on. A better answer was to then look for efficiencies, for those operations or facilities that need not be duplicated that could still serve the same purpose. And so this "impossible" assignment that had me catatonic in fear, now became fairly easy to resolve. It seems one of the issues is to "know yourself" and what can make your fear go away. In my case, it was beginning to work the problem - and breaking a hard problem into more simple parts - that makes fear go away.

Book: Strategies I Learned Becoming A VP   Book: Strategies I Learned Becoming A VP

During my career, back when Motorola was a huge thriving company with I heard some 150,000 world wide employees, I went there from perhaps being the lowest paid engineer on staff to becoming a Vice President. And that was not an honorary title only, but a Vice President in charge of Manufacturing or Engineering of both for a large division with perhaps yearly a billion US dollars in sales. How did I do that? Well, I realized I was not born with this knowledge. I learned it from many people along the way, and tried to decide what information I was being told made sense and what information did not make sense. And I learned from some people.. who I thought were great in business. And so what is the point of this book? My goal is simply to pass on business information to others as best as I could, in order to help others who may come after me. Yes, times change, and some may have to modify the strategies here as the world continues to change. But logic does not change. And you might just find this book a good help at a reasonable price.


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