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All of us, including me, have opinions on Blackjack - especially after playing some of it. But in this book I tried not to just to give opinions on how I felt, but at the same time use computer simulation to tell me and us what happens after millions or billions of hands of Blackjack are played. This answer ... on Blackjack stakes ... I found startling ... but now I understand why.

From my times playing Blackjack, I felt that I was "certain" that the amount of stake you have absolutely matters. For example, a person at a $5 table who stakes themselves only $20 seems to be soon gone. But those who at a $5 table stake themselves at perhaps $200 might have time to see if they can put together a win. But what does the computer simulation say? It says something totally different. It says ... "It does not matter. The amount of the Stake just does not matter." This was after millions or perhaps billions of blackjack card simulations, the stakes did not matter. But Why?

Well, what we emotionally "think" we see with our eyes is not always true. And yes, I a pragmatic math person, should have also seen this earlier. Unless a betting system or staking system somehow ties to the changing odds of the blackjack deck, neither of them matter. We are to an extent, only amusing ourselves. What the simulations showed is what I should have guessed. Those who stake themselves low amounts do not lose more. They just see far more blackjack tables than those of us who stake ourselves higher. Yes, for a staking or betting system to matter, it would have to tie somehow to the current changing odds of the Blackjack table. And therefore betting or staking schemes, at least when all by themselves, ... do not change our odds of winning.


The Complete Blackjack Survival Kit Book   The Complete Blackjack Survival Kit Book

A number of books tell you that you can put the odds in some Blackjack games in your favor. Is that true? Yes. But does that mean you can win consistently? That is indeed another question. If you can win consistently why has your neighbor not yet quit his job and moved to Vegas? Why are the casinos still in business? This book uses math and a high speed blackjack computer simulator to get to the bottom of some of these mysteries. It also of course looks at "best play" - and for some different versions of the games. It also looks at betting schemes and some myths that you commonly hear at the gaming tables. And why is this information valid? Are computers smarter than we are? Goodness no. Computers are merely faster. A computer can review results from many billions of hands of play getting far more experience faster than even a very practiced player. That is what computers really add: speed. Who wants to spend 60 years learning? This book provides something of a summary, that I see matches at least what I have seen in real life, and in some popular valid movies on the same subject.


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