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Before I learned the next story, I have at times separately heard several doctors say that the greatest aid to medicine was doctors washing their hands before surgery or other internal workings on patients. Well, who discovered this? Some credit Louis Pasteur who told why this was true - since he perhaps was the person who discovered germs. But Louis, great man, was not the first to speak to washing hands. The first that I am aware of was Ignaz Semmelweis (1818-1865). Who? You ask? Ignaz was a Hungarian physician. Ignaz was bothered that deaths among women giving birth were very high at his time, and ranged from 10% to 35%. I am not certain exactly how Ignaz stumbled upon this, but Ignaz learned that if doctors just washed their hands with lye and water before the birthing process, deaths among women giving birth dropped to less than 1%. Ignaz then communicated his results. However, his results were met with angry bigots. People screamed that "All Doctors Agree" (heard this one before?) - They said that all doctors agree that doctors do not have to wash their hands. After some time, Ignaz was thrown into an insane asylum where he was reportedly beaten to death by guards some 14 days later.

More recent comment: This would seem a very odd and unfair end to a person who might have discovered the greatest Medical discovery of all time. I did read one review that Ignaz could be rude with his new knowledge,  - but apparently not as rude as those who sought to silence him.


Book Logic Sciece God and Human Intelligence   Book Logic, Science, God, and Human Intelligence

In this book I tried to explore how far Human Intelligence has come, and how far logic can take us beyond that. And my approach was with an open mind trying to be free from at least the normal ideologies that surround us daily. What I found surprised me. Not the answer ... but that many times we are simply asking the wrong questions. We know now more than we used to. Science has gone far. We know a bit about Science and the Universe even though there is much more to know. Regardless of what we believe and wish to believe, we should at least get our thinking and our discussions into the 21st century. Some of the old arguments on all sides no longer seem to make sense, at least to me, when we view them with our 21st century logic. Is this book meant to convince you of anything? No. That would make it just another ideology. The purpose is to do much the opposite ... to get the reader to think about things that perhaps they never thought about before, but armed with at least human intelligence. And then... the new thinking may surprise you ... as it also surprised me at times.


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