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"Intelligence is a Choice" - Ron Plachno 

Forward: If someone said the quote above before me, I have no knowledge of it. It occurred to me while observing the world around me and has been in at least one of my copyrighted books. But I admit that I would not be surprised at all if other people also noted the same issue.

As I grow older, and am 71 now, I find the huge difference in intelligence among humans to be most amazing and often ask myself "why?" Certainly some people are born with more abilities and brain power than others. But there seems to be more, much more, going on. And I see the real issue as being that "Intelligence is a Choice." We can choose to seek knowledge truth and intelligence, or we can just go with the flow. And as one wise person said, "Only a Dead Fish Goes with the Flow" Now that last quote about the dead fish was not my quote, but a quick search tells me that the author is unknown, at least to some people on the internet.

I believe that all humans are born with a curiosity, wanting to know how the world, the universe and more, around them works. They ask, "Why, why why?" But then humans make choices in life. Some are told to stop asking questions and listen, and just do what their ideologies such as political parties or social groups tell them, and watch TV and then die. But some others, either because they value intelligence and truth, or because their jobs demand it, learn to question things. And this second group does research and tries to match things up in their mind logically and with at least some morality. If the pieces fit, then perhaps it could be true. If it is extreme or does not fit, then maybe not.

In my case, I had a job where I was told to think. If the group that I was in charge of failed, there was no excuse that I listened to this person or that person or God forbid the television set. I was responsible. It was a good learning experience. And so I began to realize that a person had to be an independent thinker to become wise. Now some people have figured out how to be in political parties or other ideologies and still be independent thinkers. And I do give a few examples in my book. Yes. But of course some others are just outright independent. I also read two books with articles written by Einstein finding him an interesting person to observe. Was he an independent thinker? Or was he a pawn of some ideology group? It was clear to me that Einstein was a very smart person. From what I read, Einstein was so independent from others that it was hard for me to pigeon hole him. He was not simply a "this" or a "that." He was himself, and in spite of crowds, I believe he was a bit of a loner. But very wise. And now comes the question of the hour. Did Einstein have a bigger brain than me and some others perhaps? Or did Einstein merely train himself to be open minded and only deal with the truth, and real knowledge and forget the nonsense everywhere around him? Good Question. But I can sense a real possibility that he had no additional brain power. He just trained himself to use it to seek the truth, and not be held back by what some people around him claimed. Oh, I think he listened to others, but then sorted it all out in his mind and decided where the truth was. Einstein once said something like, "If you think you struggle with Mathematics, well so do I." Yes, a human who figured out how to make the best of being human.


Book Logic Sciece God and Human Intelligence   Book Logic, Science, God, and Human Intelligence

In this book I tried to explore how far Human Intelligence has come, and how far logic can take us beyond that. And my approach was with an open mind trying to be free from at least the normal ideologies that surround us daily. What I found surprised me. Not the answer ... but that many times we are simply asking the wrong questions. We know now more than we used to. Science has gone far. We know a bit about Science and the Universe even though there is much more to know. Regardless of what we believe and wish to believe, we should at least get our thinking and our discussions into the 21st century. Some of the old arguments on all sides no longer seem to make sense, at least to me, when we view them with our 21st century logic. Is this book meant to convince you of anything? No. That would make it just another ideology. The purpose is to do much the opposite ... to get the reader to think about things that perhaps they never thought about before, but armed with at least human intelligence. And then... the new thinking may surprise you ... as it also surprised me at times.


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