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I personally believe that wisdom is always a good thing. It is always good for each of us to know the truth. There are some cautions in this chapter though, about dealing with others regarding truth. But, first, a thought from the past on what another said about having wisdom.

“In the land of the blind, the one-eyed man is king.”

– This is credited to Desiderius Erasmus's in his Adagia, a collection of Greek and Latin proverbs, about the year 1500. There is some thought though that this statement existed in even earlier writings or conversations by others.

But yes, the above seems to say that if a person has more wisdom than those around them, the person is king. But of course, that might be in the real sense or the sense of personal intelligence and wisdom. It does not mean that the wisest person will become the ruler. And so, while wisdom, personally, is always a good thing since it is good to know the real truth, there should be some cautions given on how we can share it. Below are some examples of sharing wisdom that come from the humor joke circuit, and some of these situations were not written first by me. In most cases, I do not know the original author:

Wife: “Do I look fat in this dress?”

Husband: “Am I a good provider?”

Patient to Doctor: “How am I doing doctor? Will I live a long life?”

Serf in a Kingdom: “Why should I bow to the King? Has he done something good?”

Boss to Prospective Employee: “What is your worst problem?”
Interviewee: “I am honest”
Boss: “I do not see honesty as a problem”
Interviewee: “I just really do not care what you think.”

Hopefully as you can see by the above, while having wisdom personally is always a good thing, sharing that wisdom can be something totally different.


Book Logic Sciece God and Human Intelligence   Book Logic, Science, God, and Human Intelligence

In this book I tried to explore how far Human Intelligence has come, and how far logic can take us beyond that. And my approach was with an open mind trying to be free from at least the normal ideologies that surround us daily. What I found surprised me. Not the answer ... but that many times we are simply asking the wrong questions. We know now more than we used to. Science has gone far. We know a bit about Science and the Universe even though there is much more to know. Regardless of what we believe and wish to believe, we should at least get our thinking and our discussions into the 21st century. Some of the old arguments on all sides no longer seem to make sense, at least to me, when we view them with our 21st century logic. Is this book meant to convince you of anything? No. That would make it just another ideology. The purpose is to do much the opposite ... to get the reader to think about things that perhaps they never thought about before, but armed with at least human intelligence. And then... the new thinking may surprise you ... as it also surprised me at times.


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