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Of course, I need to explain what I mean by an idiot. I do not mean a demanding boss who tries to get the best of us but then shares rewards. Such bosses can be the high speed elevator to success rather than taking the stairs. What I mean by a boss who is an "idiot" is one who does not share rewards with their team of workers, or at least does not do so fairly.

And so, when I say a boss in an "idiot" I am referring to how they deal with rewards, and such a person would have an unfair reward system that puts the boss and the friends of the boss first and the talented either last or not at all. I believe that you can see the problem. If you are working for such a problem boss, even if you were to find some great discovery, such as finding the cure for all current diseases, the boss might simply take credit from you and might even fire you to get you out of the way so you could not contest things. And that means that you could never be successful. And if you can never be successful, then working for an idiot is just a waste of your precious time, and at some point, your time to be a success runs out.

Book: Strategies I Learned Becoming A VP   Book: Strategies I Learned Becoming A VP

During my career, back when Motorola was a huge thriving company with I heard some 150,000 world wide employees, I went there from perhaps being the lowest paid engineer on staff to becoming a Vice President. And that was not an honorary title only, but a Vice President in charge of Manufacturing or Engineering of both for a large division with perhaps yearly a billion US dollars in sales. How did I do that? Well, I realized I was not born with this knowledge. I learned it from many people along the way, and tried to decide what information I was being told made sense and what information did not make sense. And I learned from some people.. who I thought were great in business. And so what is the point of this book? My goal is simply to pass on business information to others as best as I could, in order to help others who may come after me. Yes, times change, and some may have to modify the strategies here as the world continues to change. But logic does not change. And you might just find this book a good help at a reasonable price.


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