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There was a famous novel entitled “The Postman Always Rings Twice." Well perhaps, but what if on the other hand opportunity only knocks at our door once?

Well actually, of course the number of times opportunity knocks for each person may be different, depending also on how long we live, but for most of us, we will often get at least one great opportunity in life. The question may be … will we recognize it and do the right thing? From my experience, this can make all of the difference in the world. I could simply state that getting ahead some days seems the combination of talent, hard work, and having the right opportunity. If any of those three are missing, perhaps nothing ever changes.

One of the most important things I believe when the right opportunity comes along is recognizing it and moving fast and positively and handling it correctly. For example, some of you who may have purchased houses might have noticed something similar. There are often a number of houses for sale. Some look nice, some not so nice, some are ugly, and some are damaged. As for price, some are priced high, some medium and some priced as bargains. Well, every now and then you might see a great looking house that is priced as a bargain. What do you do? Well, if you have been looking around, you should recognize a bargain when you see one and make your move positively and as fast as you can. And some people when they do it even offer just slightly over the asking price. That is language for – “I want this house and I want it now - and I want no one stopping me.” And why do people do that? They do that since they know that house likely will not be there tomorrow. Someone else will have it. It will be gone. And all that will be left, if you are lucky, are the medium deals, and the nagging memory of “what might have been."

Well, opportunity in a career is not so different. I have watched some people in their careers and some of them do what I consider, odd things. I have watched people from college that get offers from great companies with a great job offer. And then the people sometimes answer that they are not sure. Okay. But like the house example above, the opportunities can be gone.

Book: Strategies I Learned Becoming A VP   Book: Strategies I Learned Becoming A VP

During my career, back when Motorola was a huge thriving company with I heard some 150,000 world wide employees, I went there from perhaps being the lowest paid engineer on staff to becoming a Vice President. And that was not an honorary title only, but a Vice President in charge of Manufacturing or Engineering of both for a large division with perhaps yearly a billion US dollars in sales. How did I do that? Well, I realized I was not born with this knowledge. I learned it from many people along the way, and tried to decide what information I was being told made sense and what information did not make sense. And I learned from some people.. who I thought were great in business. And so what is the point of this book? My goal is simply to pass on business information to others as best as I could, in order to help others who may come after me. Yes, times change, and some may have to modify the strategies here as the world continues to change. But logic does not change. And you might just find this book a good help at a reasonable price.


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