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The Complete Blackjack Survival Kit - eBook

This book that was over two years in the making is based on over 16 billion computer simulated hands of Blackjack.  It is the most honest book on Blackjack that we have seen.  Unlike other books that do tables and advice and tell how to get odds in your favor, this book goes further and tries to determine what that all means?  Does that mean that you can win every time or almost every Blackjack session?  That seems to be what some other Blackjack books say or imply.  This book goes further and explains why using math and more Blackjack play simulations.

Suggested Retail Price:  $3.99  AVAILABLE NOW

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Strategies I Learned Becoming a VP - eBook

The author Ron Plachno began as perhaps one of the lowest paid engineers in a Fortune 500 company.  But he learned and worked hard and became a VP in that company, at times being in charge of multiple buildings and at one time having a group of 2500 people and in charge of a billion a year profit and loss statement.  He then became a Sr. VP in a California startup and also at least for a time was in Who's Who of America.

This book concerns perhaps almost 40 years of education, of what he learned from some very talented people in industry and in private business and even some other people along the way.  Why do the book?  Well, for some who read it, why should knowledge take 40 years to acquire?

Suggested Retail Price:  $3.99  AVAILABLE NOW

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Becoming a One Person Band

Have you been in a band once - and now miss it?  For some of us, you can put together some electronics and become your own one person band.  To be sure, there are a number of ways to set up a home recording studio.  While this book addresses some of that and some issues a person may run into, the book is mostly concerned with orchestration - or "what to do" rather than "what items you need".  How does one take sheet music with 3 parts and yet then do a 14 piece band or orchestra?  How about if there is no sheet music at all?

Yes, music has a logical base and this book gives some of the ways to add orchestration and a number of parts to your song.  It also gives some minor advice on vocals and equipment and recording technique.

Suggested Retail Price:  $3.99  AVAILABLE NOW

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Logic Science God and Human Intelligence Logic Science God and Human Intelligence

There so many conflicting things said on television and other places in our lives. This book was written by one person with a scientific background who searches for truth beginning with an open mind. The first two sections begin with some research into, "What is it that we humans think we know," before getting into social issues, the question of a Supreme Being, or more. The author does admit that his favorite book section is the Science section of what we humans think we know. That section even alone may contain much that most of us humans do not know based on our normal lives. But perhaps early in our lives, we were told to not ask many questions.

Suggested Retail Price:  $3.99  AVAILABLE NOW

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eBook Politicians on an Island Politicians on an Island

This book is all in fun. It is a humor novel and a "send up" of politicians whom the author at best finds funny. It is purposely set a bit in the future in the US with different political parties that are even more extreme than the ones of today - if that is possible ha ha. But the idea of new political parties and different names is of course to try and get some separation from today from those whom might want that separation. And of course things are exaggerated for the point of humor and also some fantasy added for entertainment. So, then there is no redeeming social value here other than humor - for those open minded people who may some days also find politics humorous.

Suggested Retail Price:  $3.99  AVAILABLE NOW

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