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Caesar's Palace, our "Home away from Home"


This is the beautiful Caesar's Palace where we stayed. I took this night shot the first night we were there and was impressed that it worked out.

Well, actually, this is where I stayed. The rest of the family agreed to stay in the Motel 6 across the street in order to save money.

This is a picture of us by some of the statues in Caesar's Palace's "Forum Shops" - a string of very classy shops they included in their building.

Left to right it is Ken, Ron, Valerie and Greg. The ceiling above the forum shops is a painted sky, giving the illusion of being outside.

The statue right behind us is an exhibit of Southwest Airlines newest economy craft.

This is Valerie, working out in Caesar's Palace patio / pool area. She is getting ready for tomorrow's NFL Football "Toughman"

competition where she will fight William "the Refrigerator" Perry. Since Valerie's weight is closer to that

of an ice cube tray, it is expected to be a difficult match for her. You go girl !!

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