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Windows:  XP, Windows 7,8

  rpsoft2000 RTF Word Processor Composer Software Program  
rtf Composer   RTF Composer

We call this software program a "Composer" rather than a Word Processor in full, since we ourselves use it as a composer.  By that, we mean it is what we do our original work for emails, blogs, articles or book chapters that we write in it.  Every word processor will have its good points and bad points.  We found some too complex in some ways.  We found others lacking in some grammar checks we wanted to use for our book chapter writing.

This product is has some good and deep features, but it tries to keep to its original goal ... that of being easy to use.
  rpsoft2000 RTF Word Processor Composer Software Program  
Hints on Dictionary Usage Some American English Grammar Rules
Why 3 Dictionaries?  


Buttons for RTF Composition Styling - (most normal ones)

  • Font Name/Size - Tries to find and load all legitimate font styles your computer allows, like Arial, Times New Roman, for example, for you to select.  We also have a font size drop down box that gives choices from 6 to 72 point type
  • Easy to Read - If just doing text for an email or similar usage, one left side top button "LG," converts all to large 17 point type.  Or adjust with Aa
  • Styles - Bold, Italics, Underline, Strikeout, any combination that the font type allows.  Also add many colors
  • Clipboard Output- f11 sends just text to the clipboard, as for emails, f12 sends text with font, size, bold etc, color, f8 sends html code for most items except pictures and tabs (tabs do not seem supported in html), Alt-C send rtf code
  • Open / Save Files - of course.  Opens and Saves for either rtf files or any type of text files, as ".txt" or ".csv"
  • Pictures allowed to be loaded or copied to this Composer, but can only be saved as an rtf file.  Pictures do not go to the clipboard along with the text or other formatting for any choice of f12, f11, f8.  However, of course Alt-C will get RTF

Conversion and Spell Check Pull Down Menus ("Convert" Pull down menu.  Full Spell Check f7 under "Edit"

General Rules: (for most items - except "Paragraph Spacing"):  Highlight text to just do that text.  If no highlight, it might do all or ask you your preference

  • Paragraph Spacing, 1 or 2 lines between - Note, this is not double line spacing, but the spacing after a paragraph.  A paragraph may be many lines long of word wrap until the hit the enter key. Then it is a paragraph. Changes document.
  • Extreme Word Wrap - Honors 2 carriage returns in a row, as a paragraph. But replaces single returns with a blank
  • Fix Some Spell Errors - This is a custom dictionary by ourselves that tries to handle some of the most common spelling and format errors with respect to American written English.  It looks for small "i"s to go to Capitals, also contractions like can't and won't.  It also looks for sentence beginnings that it thinks may need a capital and asks you.  It also will modify spacing between sentences to 1 space (new) or 2 spaces (old method).  It also looks for end quote errors and asks you
  • British/American Spelling Dictionary - Custom again.  Not prefect, but asks you on changes if you wish. 1800+words.  Can work either direction.  Since we often see spelling from both countries, it is easy to get confused on spelling
  • f7 Full Spelling and some Grammar Microsoft Dictionary - Borrowed from Microsoft, and is not inherent in our software.  Works perhaps if you have Microsoft Office installed.  Not sure if other requirements are needed. Works for us

Upper Drop Down Box Additional Options

  • READABLE - Click LG shaded key left top for 17 point type all
  • Aa - keys to right of LG key to increase/decrease each font size 1 pt.
  • f2 - Character and Word Count (highlight or all)
  • Scissors cut for pasting and delete.  Right click to keep format style
  • Bullets:  Both RTF type and an asterisk universal text type
  • Line Numbering option - uses universal text for operation
  • Format Paint Brush - stays red and active till you next click it off
  • Find and Replace (ctrl f, ctrl h) that allows ^p and ^t characters
  • Go top or bottom with ctrl up or down arrow keys
  • RTF Direct Editing Allowed (under "Edit" pull down menu
  • Change Case to small letters, all caps, or title when highlighted
  • Justify text/pictures on line(s) to left (normal), center or right
  • Store/Undo buttons for temporary save, three levels
  • Paragraph Tab indent if "Ptab" button activated, works as you go
  • Help screens, many with pictures images for various subjects


There should also be a help file included.


  • Font Type Choices: Tries to load all legitimate fonts on your computer into a selectable drop down box (like "arial")
  • Font Size Choices - Sizes from 6 to 72 points, which is quite tiny to quite huge
  • Document Number of Characters: A little over 2 gigabytes (we believe) we have used this out to over 25 pages
  • Color Choices - 25 - in upper pull down menu.  Primary colors listed on top.  Color choices selected for easier transport to other systems, such as email
  • Picture Handling - Only as an rtf composer and saved files.  Pictures can be loaded, indeed, from file or clipboard and they allow you size them suggesting a standard size.  And the result can be saved to file including pictures as an rtf file.  However, pictures are not now sent to clipboard except perhaps for the alt-c option of rtf to clipboard.  The issue?  rtf, rich text files handle pictures very differently than html which is often the standard other places.  Some complex word processors we agree make this translation. We do not as yet offer that.
  • Printing Capability - Not much work is done on this.  It likely will print something, but will not follow the font types or sizes and may have other issues.  We admit that only small effort was done on printing so far.  We tend to use this program as a composer with its final usage in emails, articles, chapters of books
  • File Save Check (new Dec 11,2015) - When you exit, if the text length or rtf length is different, it will ask about file save


  • Windows 7-  Written in Windows 7 and tested extensively.  Seems fine
  • XP - No problems noted in some quick tests on XP
  • Windows 8.1 - It actually ran fine - once Windows let it run.  It twice said it had blocked a program from starting that could be trouble??  Twice I looked for something on their warning that allowed me to run anyway, and did run it anyway.  It did give me an icon and after running the program a few times it stopped with the warnings.  It then listed the program under "apps" as a new item.  I am always amused when Microsoft stops a program from running that was running in a Microsoft language and packaged using Microsoft software.  Well, hopefully this will not bother other users.


PROGRAM RIGHTS - Downloading or usage of this program means that the user agrees that all public distribution rights remain solely with the owner of rpsoft2000 software, and that any public distribution without permission is an infringement on the rights of the owner.  Feel free, however, if you like this program, to give others the link to www.rpsoft2000.com software.

Please respect the written copyrights of others, and please do not simply copy written material from others and claim it to be your own.  This responsibility is of course up to you to ensure.

USER AREA LIMITATION - This particular software language will load into the "user" area of your computer and not into the program area.  We ourselves found this only to be an issue at startup, but of course, beauty is in the eye of the beholder.  There are startup instructions below in Loading Note2.


Programmer Agrees:  That there is no internet checking, adware, spyware, viruses or other malware associated with this download given here that were placed in there by the programmer.  Only the standard Microsoft packaging of program and needed resources was used.

User Agrees Before Downloading: That they have read, understand and agree with the above cautions about program rights, copyrights and copyrighted images.

IMPORTANT DOWNLOAD NOTE:  Mozilla Firefox downloaded this easily.  Chrome issued a warning and I had to go to the bottom left screen, then find a far right arrow on their warning to open up options, and choose "keep." in order for it not to discard the file. It was not hard to get around the Chrome issue.

Loading Note2:  I now find it best to just get rid of the old program - if you have loaded an earlier version of this before.  That will generally create a new icon (of a camera) and listing for you under programs.  To eliminate the old, just go to your control panel and look for uninstall, and then the program "rpsoft 2000rtf word processor" by rpsoft 2000 publisher, or similar.  Then load the new version and you should get an icon.  :)  Because of this, this will be the only loading instructions given for this file.  You should get an icon if you eliminate any old versions of this program.

  I Agree !  Download the Zip File (2.6 Meg) - Right Click to Download  
Note:  I truly hope that you enjoy this program.  I myself use this program often