For this example, we are going to use our own Owl and Pussycat couple kiss ball.  First right click the blue or pink ball as you would wish to use.  Then note the image you will see on the left.  Note that if you choose the "Hug" selection on the upper left that you would begin using the hug animation.  However, in this case we want to edit, so choose the selection on lower right marked "edit"


As you begin to edit, you should now see arrows.  Simply grab the arrow that goes in the direction you wish to adjust the animation.  For example, if you wish to move it up a little, then you would grab the blue arrow with your mouse and pull it up.

  If you need to rotate the animation balls, be careful.  It is usually best to ensure that you rotate it "around" its up down axis only.  This means that generally speaking, the only rotation you may wish to do is by grabbing the blue circle only and then moving it around in the direction you wish.  The red and green circles if you move them, may tilt the avatars into the ground or on an angle.
  How to adjust the height just right, so the avatar shoes end up where you wish them? Well there is a trick you can use for couples animation balls that are linked together and thus move as a single unit.  You can adjust the animation balls with an avatar attached.  So select the animation ball you wish, and have your avatar sit on it, or hug or whatever the function is.  Then edit the other couples animation ball that is still visible and you should see arrows.  Now grab the blue arrow and move it up or down carefully to adjust it to the proper height of the shoes above the ground that you wish.

thanks!  Hope you enjoy our products

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