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We had never seen anything like this before on SL, but then quickly asked ourselves "Why Not?".  It seemed like a fun idea - to have outfits for girls that resemble flowers.  And yes of course, the petals are flexible.  And for each flower there are two sets of petals - one higher and one lower, or one inside of the other.  Of course for it to seem somewhat realistic, we also had to make a software AO (animation override) for it.  You can turn this AO on and off, but when it is on, when you are standing it keeps the feet together and on tippy toes and hands out of the way to more look like a flower.  As you walk, run, or turn, it also keeps your feet mostly together allowing rapid baby steps rather than large feet movement.  This adds to the illusion of a flower.  And yes, of course you can shut it off.  The AO also has other options if you wish and is menu driven (/6 menu - in order to call it).  Its other options include a talk animation, a laugh and a cry animation.  It also includes poses for model, hands behind your back at ease, kneel, bend and perhaps another.  :)   The outfits also do include a titler that is also menu driven.  So you can put a title above you that can be fun such as "Girl Flower" - the title it always starts with, or choose from over 30 more titles in that one category and there are also four other title categories including humor and flirt and more.  Or you can just type in the title you wish anyway.  A lot of fun.  We may do a lot more with this idea.  We like it.  But of course without a good flexi background, with a software AO background and more, it would be hard to put this together.  But at OnP, we at this point are deep into a number of those skills and can do it all ourselves.  Hope you enjoy !



FULL SET of Five Outfits   INCLUDES:
* 5 Costumes
* Optional prim hair for each
* Flexi petals - 2 layers per flower
* Tops, undershirts, pants, tights, and panties
* AO software in petals - that can be switched on/off
to make feet seem like stems even when walking. More options included
* A Titler included - for items such as: "Pick me" and more.

Mix-n-Match Each of the above  items can be copied and color modified

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Girl Flower Outfits, More Detail ( 4 shots)   Girl Flower Outfits, More Detail ( 4 shots)
Red Rose / Yellow Lily   Violet Lotus, Purple Orchid

White & Green Passion Flower

  Menus for AO and for Titler


 YES       OnP Owl and Pussycat Mall in Tissela


 YES       On SL Marketplace (formerly X-Street)

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Each of the above items can be copied and color modified - so make the same outfit in a new color or combine items and for new outfits!

thanks!  Hope you enjoy our products


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