OnP  Crotchless Panties



OnP  Crotchless Panties  $L 30

This package includes over 38 items - 8 bras and over 30 panties. Not all of the panties are crotchless. A few styles have opaque crotch areas on some models as well as the crotchless version. A few styles have 20% transparency crotch areas as well as the crotchless versions. Not all items are totally different. Some are color changes to show what can be done.

Combines: Lace, cut-outs, and transparency at times to provide what we consider a very cute set.

We will also add two different colors of tattoo level vagina imaging, brown, and darker, if you wish to use either of them.

Copy = Yes, and yes you can color any of these items - except of course those portions that are black in color since color will not take there.

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 YES       OnP Owl and Pussycat Mall in Tissela

               slurl:  http://slurl.com/secondlife/Tissela/92/101/101

 YES       On SL Marketplace (formerly X-Street)

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