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Panty Briefs /Bra/Nylons Set


This new item began when we did our Marilyn Monroe costume.  We realized that Marilyn wore full sized panty-briefs that rose quite high, and yet she was still considered quite sexy.  So in a world where some think sexy is showing as much skin as possible, it made us think that sexy really is wearing nice things, looking and acting nice.  As a French Chef might say:  "Presentation is Everything".  Well, we decided we like the panties we custom made for Marilyn.  So we added some items to make it a whole set of over 15 items altogether - for a low $20.  Fist of all we included the Marilyn panties.  These were tall enough such that we had to use both underpants in SL and also undershirt in SL to create them.  We called this "brief3".  Then we made a version that rose less high that would still fit only in the underpants SL usage for those that want it more simple.  We called that Brief2.  But we did do tests to make that brief also rise as high as possible but still work as SL underpants also.  So that gave two panty options.  Then we added two matching bras, one with straps and one strapless, and we made some of the panties garter ;anties so they also could hold nylons, and then of course added the nylons.  The nylons we went with simulated lace top for fashion.   Then for convenience we allowed the panties - all of brief 2 and the lower portion of brief3 - to be worn as underpants or pants in SL.  Personally we think the garter panty version works better worn as pants, but that is up to you.  Putting all of the possible variations together in this set to ensure you could have options we wanted you to have, it came to over 15 items.


Panty Brief Set Lingerie $ L



This panty brief set is also part of our mix and match series.  That means that you get much more that just what you see in the package.  You can copy and modify.  In fact, the items in the package are all white.  Save them to a safe area.  Then choose the items you wish for each outfit and wear them.  Then go under "appearance" in SL and you can change the color to match your outfit.  Be careful not to try and change the texture, since that is quite custom.  But you can copy and modify colors to create endless sets of these undies.

To add even more realism, as we all know, real undies have some degree of transparency.  So do these items.  The semi-transparent look we feel adds much in the way of a luxurious look.  Of course the crotch area is not semi-transparent, but will block vision for modesty.  As for the bras, we of course have options that we call "cover" that does add more material to the nipple area for modesty also.  However, we also do include two separate bras that can work with brief2 that remain semi-transparent in the breast area.

Hope you enjoy!

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Each of the above items can be copied and color modified - so make the same outfit in a new color or combine items and for new outfits!

thanks!  Hope you enjoy our products


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