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These include two sets of outfits which we call sexy texture Style 1 and Style 2.  Style 1 is made up of several complex lace patterns and we think is just a nice outfit.  Style 2 comes with three different texture style skirts to choose from:  plain, fem symbols and fem symbols with lace.  Style 2 is also semi transparent - designed to look sexy but to show nothing if you do not wish to.  Both style may be copied and perhaps colored.  However for style 2, copying and coloring is what it is all about.

STYLE 1 $ L 60


60 L STYLE 1 includes:
* Flexi skirt, top
custom slip
STYLE 2 includes:
* Flexi skirts - 3
different styles
* top and slip
ALL Flexi Skirts:
* lace bottom,
* lining insides
BOTH - copy/color
* Prim heels with
color size menu
* bra, panties
* Showgirl panty-hose with
seams that go high up

SL Marketplace (New X-Street) Direct link (click here)

STYLE 2 - Shows 3 Skirt texture styles   STYLE 2  - Shows after you copy and then add color
Bottom View of Style 2 shows Lace bottom and satin inside lining   UNDIES - used for both Style 1 and 2 - copy, and / or color to suit



 YES       OnP Owl and Pussycat Mall in Tissela


 YES       On SL Marketplace (formerly X-Street)

               (urls for the products may be given above in the description)



Each of the above items can be copied and color modified - so make the same outfit in a new color or combine items and for new outfits!

thanks!  Hope you enjoy our products


We try our best to keep this site accurate.  However, in case of an error please understand that the prices and items directly at Tissela in SL or on SL Marketplace are the determining factors - and not this web site.  So, please also verify what you see at those locations.  Thank you for your understanding.

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