AO Fem Multi

Animation Override



AO Fem Multi Animation Override - $100, over 60 poses or anims

AO - OnP Fem Multiple AO - Menu Driven (COPY =YES)

For Female Avatars – a multiple AO system that is menu driven that contains over 60 animations or poses. It allows you to select from a variety of items that may be helpful giving life to your avatar.


*NORMAL: Even at normal, this animation override system will provide “sexy walk”, when you walk, and an improved run (our opinion) when you run, and even a curtsy using the “page down’ key where the curtsy stays in operation until you release the page down key. 
* FEMININE STANDING MODEL ANIMATIONS – You have three different choices of feminine modeling animations while standing. The three are: FemModel, Glamour, and Sexy, in increasing levels of change. Yes there is some duplication there. But each of the three choices includes 5 changes of standing animations while standing, giving you some variety that normally would not repeat for about two and a half minutes. 
* PONY and PUPPY ANIMATON sets – for fun. You can pretend to be a pony or puppy again with 5 different animations while standing and waiting. In this case of Pony and Puppy they also do modify the walk and run animations giving overrides that stay true to pony and or puppy. Caution – on turning – keep the forward button pressed and then also press the turn button also (right or left) for a slower turn while staying pony or puppy. 
* ENTRANCE TO 3 SUB MENUS – two for animations (Anims1 and Anims2) and one for poses called “Model” 
* AO OFF – turns off all animations and poses. You may need to move slightly to stop the last animation 
* AO ON – turns on just the basic sexy walk, run and curtsy unless you choose another option such as FemModel, Glamour, Sexy or a sub menu option or similar in addition to turning AO ON. 
* “StandNorm” is an option in the upper two lines of “major stuff” on the main menu. It is there along with the three fem standing animations, pony ad puppy. What StandNorm does is return you to just the basic AO overrides of sexy walk, run, and curtsy. It is therefore, a partial shut off just leaving basics 
* “PoseMe” – on the main menu, since “Why Not?” It puts your avatar into a pose mode for clothes changes or other changes to your avatar without needing a posing stand

SUBMENUS – get to these from main menu: “Anims1”, “Anims2”, and “Model”

* ANIMS1: Sub MENU CHOICES – animations during standing 
Laugh, Talk, Cry, Move, Clap, Fidget, Talk2, Wave, ThrowKiss, Hula and Bellydance. Move is just simple movement to seem alive. Hula Combines two animations that automatically cycles between each other

* ANIMS2: Sub MENU CHOICES– animations during standing 
Rollover, Shrug, Explain, Sorry, Help, Tantrum, RubButt, SayYes, SayNo are the beginning choices. I say beginning since you may also add up to three animations of your choice.

* MODEL: Sub MENU CHOICES – poses that include more than modeling during standing. 
Coverup, Covergirl, Timid, Twist, Twist2, Pockets, HipLeft, HandsBack, Point, Kneel, and Bend. Coverup is sort of an embarrassed cover-up of top and lower areas – may not cover all. Point, Kneel and Bend of course are not modeling but just other poses that could be helpful.



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