Pet Girl or Pet Boy

For the fun Lady (or now Guy) who wishes to be her favorite puppy, orthe beloved puppy pet of another.

Yes, yes, this is mainly Pet Girl and that is what it is.  However, we did have some requests for a Pet Boy version, and so we added a folder to this product that makes some um um... needed... changes we thought for a pet boy to us.

What is it?

It Uses AO animations to change walking to puppy crawling and puppy running.  And if you use page down, then it lies down.

* AO animations all fours, run, more
* Many variations for "stand" anim including fetch, beg, rollover. play dead, kiss, cry, lick, more * "Toys" such as cage, bowls and a fetch stick
* Wearable choice of mostly fur skin as shown, in both light and dark skin


This is not RLV, and so total power still rests with the puppy.  However, the puppy can decide to let someone else take over their "sitting" controls - such as beg, kiss, roll over, lie down, and more.  The puppy can of course take control back.  And no, you need not use an RLV type viewer.  The normal SL type viewer is just fine.  Of course, the puppy can also choose not to be bothered and not even hear requests to take over its animations.

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Yes, menu driven.  The puppy can decide what sitting animation to use, or choose "Mix" to give a mixture of five types of sitting animations that differ from each other.

There is a menu the puppy has that can allow others to request to take over their sitting animation control.  When someone does request, by clicking the puppy collar, the puppy can decide to accept or deny the request.  of course the puppy can also decide to hear no requests and have silence instead.

If the puppy has been taken over, the puppy can still decide to take control back at any time.  If the puppy does this, the former "master" or "mistress" will get a message that alas, the puppy has run away.





 YES       OnP Owl and Pussycat Mall in Tissela

               slurl:  http://slurl.com/secondlife/Tissela/92/101/101

 YES       On SL Marketplace (formerly X-Street)

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