COSTUME CAMISKS,  $L 35 for Package

This item answers the question - what to wear if you wish to look like a servant girl of days gone by?  Or a slave girl?  What would you wear to a riskee place?  What would you wear to a capture and release SL place (assuming it allows clothes in the first place).  Well, we find these items cute and sexy, and for our tastes, they also pretty much cover what needs to be covered such that they are a great tease.  And that can be fun - we think.

Camisks seem to be very much misunderstood.  There is a good reason for that.  Some dictionaries do not even define it.  This program I am currently using does not even consider it a word.  But we have found definitions on it that appear to be consistent.  What it is, or perhaps was, was a very simple garment mostly for women that was rectangular in shape.  Then a hole is cut for the head to pass through, and it drapes front and sides over the body covering them but leaving the sides open.  And a sash may be added at the waist to hold the garment close for modesty.  One source even claims that the rectangular garment should be exactly 18 inches wide.  You likely have seen some similar dress before - years ago for servant girls or perhaps female slaves.  Now this much we personally find interesting - since we consider these costumes very cute and erotic.  It is we think a shame that so many. even on SL, confuse the subject of camisks.  We have seen some merchants call something that looks like swim wear camisks.  No, those items are swim wear. lol.  And we have found another who creates something like body suits or short shorts and calls them camisks.  No, they are something else.  I suppose at this point we sound like purists.  Yeah, maybe, since we thought the originals idea was really quite good and needed no changes.

To view or buy these items at SL Marketplace, you will have to set your system to be able to look at "adult" items.  We do not know why.  We tried to be careful with the images to ensure no actual female parts show or are obvious, and those are the usual rules.  But every time we tried to save the sales item setting it to "general", SL would change it to adult.  Perhaps SL Lindens, if no one else, understands what camisks really are.  :)  

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The OnP Owl and Pussycat Camisk Package

First of all, it is very low priced, $L 35.  And as it turned out, it was harder to make than we originally thought.  In RL it might just be a rectangular cloth, but in SL it gets more complex.  But we like the look.  And so we wanted it to be easy to acquire.  In our set we include:

  • 9 different outfits - mostly due to texture

  • Choice of Top - either the normal "full" top, or an abbreviated sexy front cover

  • Sashes that somewhat match for all 9 outfits

  • Optional panties

  • A number of items done in basic white, such that you can color them to taste, if you wish, by wearing copies and then going under "appearance", selecting the garment and selecting color change

  • The sashes also may be color changed, and of course the ones more white will take color better

  • Skirt length may be modified for longer or shorter for each outfit

  • All items may be copied in case you wish to alter them and have even more than 9 outfits, altering them by color or skirt length or other.


  One question you might have is why panties are optional.  Well, we really doubt that real slaves given such a simple garment would have had complex undies.  To help with modesty we also made the skirt fit as close to the body as possible.  While this does allow some peak a boo around it, it mostly covers most of the time.

However, if you wish more modesty, we do include two pairs of white thongs - one with an opaque crotch and one without.  Most of the material is semi transparent as real undies are - except for the one with opaque crotch area, and that area is covered - at least we believe for most avatars.  Only two pair?  Well, like the costumes they can be copied.  The copies can also be worn and color changed under "appearance".


While we said most of the material for the undies is semi-transparent, three of the nine outfits also are semi transparent if you feel daring.  One is white, one is the white and black print, and one is the blue red print.  OnP transparency ratings are often given in a phrase in the name such as "t35" - which means 35% transparent.  t00 of course would mean no transparency at all, or opaque is the word we use for zero transparency.  Oh, and we should mention, that a fourth outfit of the nine is done in white lace.  While the lace material itself is not semi transparent but quite opaque, lace of course has open areas, tiny as they might be, that allow some see through.

A lot for the money!  We like this set!





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