COSTUME CAMISKS 2,  $L 50 for Package

These items are an extended version of our first Camisk line.  Camisks are simple one piece in real life apparel worn by servant girls in the olden days.  These one piece items often seemed like a single piece of cloth with a hole in the middle for the head, and then a cord would hold this rectangular cloth close to the girl's body.

This second group of camisks adds some more features, including sort of a torn look in some cases, or animal skins in another.  As such it might add realism for many.

To view or buy these items at SL Marketplace, you will have to set your system to be able to look at "adult" items.  We do not know why.  We tried to be careful with the images to ensure no actual female parts show or are obvious, and those are the usual rules.  But every time we tried to save the sales item setting it to "general", SL would change it to adult.  Perhaps SL Lindens, if no one else, understands what camisks really are.  :)  

SL Marketplace (Enable Adult) Direct link (click here)

Tiger Skin, Leopard Skin  



The OnP Owl and Pussycat Camisk 2 Package

First of all, it is very low priced, $L 50.  And as it turned out, it was harder to make than we originally thought.  In RL it might just be a rectangular cloth, but in SL it gets more complex.  But we like the look.  And so we wanted it to be easy to acquire.  In our set we include:

  • 7 different outfits - mostly due to texture

  • Sashes that somewhat match for all 7 outfits

  • Optional panties - not likely real servant girls of old wore them

  • All items may be copied in case you wish to alter them and have even more than 7 outfits, altering them by color or other means

  • Optional dirt smudges available as a tattoo layer


Bear Skin, Snake Skin  

Frills at the bottoms


Torn Outfits - one Opaque and One Semi Transparent   Show Dirt Smudges


 YES       OnP Owl and Pussycat Mall in Tissela


 YES       On SL Marketplace (formerly X-Street)

               (urls for the products may be given above in the description)


thanks!  Hope you enjoy our products


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