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We began with a single dance ball single direction Electric Slide dance. We followed that with our popular 4 wall (4 direction) multi ball electric slide dance that has become a good seller.  For our good customers, we recently upgraded our electric slide animations to make them more accurate with our recent learning, and also added our new complex custom line dance scripting that we do ourselves - in order to make this good dance, a great dance.  Hope you enjoy.

Electric Slide Multi, 4 way  




WE recently redid this dance - and added improved animations and also much more complex sync script - yet we kept the same low price.  :).  The sync signals as with our last version, do send a sync signal to all dancers every 11 seconds.  For this line dance, that also means a direction change.  Of course we do need to state

Like many of our dances, we did not just start animating.  Step one is always study.   In looking up this dance, it was clear that it was 22 steps - an odd number for any person who is a musician or used to music.  Why not 24?  Why not good old 4/4ths time or cut time?  Oh well, those of us who are also musicians know that music rules are like pirate rules regarding the word "parlay" to Caribbean Pirate Johnny Depp - in that they are more of "guidelines" than a law. lol. 

But there of course is more to the dance than the oddity of 22 steps.  As they say, grapevine, grapevine, back, sway and all of that, and we learned as well as we could.  We then had a one direction dance for our single dance line balls.  But we wanted four directions just as the real electric slide, and we want sync, and we want spacing.

Well, those wishes sort of suggest a multi-line ball dance to get the spacing right.  But how to get a one direction animation to go four directions, especially since animation software often lacks a true sense of humor.  Try it.  Try telling animation software a joke and see if it laughs.  Not even close.  Note even a murmor.

Well in RL, Hunter Bronet, that is me, is also an engineer and a person who writes and sells software also in his spare time (an official nerd you might suggest).  So it made sense to write a custom animation software program that while it does not replace animation software, greatly increases its power as the two work together.   The dance will re-sync on every new direction change - 22 steps in each of four directions.

Note in the above that if you unlink the balls in a multi ball dance for any reason, that they must be re-linked before they will work again and synchronize with each other. The sync commands go via the linkage in order to provide the least amount of possible SL error with other nearby animations.

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thanks!  Hope you enjoy our products

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