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As we have have mentioned, our multi-line dance balls present challenges and were each hard to do, but to a certain extent that is fun for us nerds.  That is the reason why most sensible women just refuse to date engineers in college.  While everyone else is having a good time, the engineers tend to find fun as - hey all I need to do here is to make 20 brand new custom animations,  re-write s2 ync scripts for a multi line ball dance that has never been seen before, and figure out how to use array variables in Second Life crazy script, and I might have something - that is after much hokey pokey research also into what the dance requires

While I do jest here and poke fun at myself, it is sad but true that yes I found that much fun - 20 new animations I never had before to write and scripts that had been seemingly at one time beyond my ability, all conquered.  But yes, it was fun.  It did require the RL animation software that we ourselves wrote and not sold to others since without it, 20 new animations would have been a daunting problem.  But with all of the tools OnP has now, it was just a lot of work .. and maybe fun as well.

Some details of the dance.  There are 16 people allowed in a circle that is just a little over 10 meters diameter (10 meters from the person furthest from you).  15 of those dances are for guests, and just will stand there until the leader arrives.  The guests use the gold colored circles.  The leader uses the red one with text floating above it.  It is best if the guests are standing ready before the leader "sits" or selects the red ball and "dance" and begins things.  At that point the leader need do nothing since the red ball software will take over.  The red ball begins talking that the dance is starting, and will also say the lyrics in chat channel for each sentence of the dance.  Also, the red ball will give sync signals to all of the guest dance balls approximately every 8 seconds to keep all including the leader also, within sync.  Guests can come late or leave early - or at least we now believe we have the software adjusted to allow that.  However a new guest may have to wait and just stand 8 seconds or so or less till the next sync signal arrives.  Here are the verses and plan:

first half  

second half

  1. Right foot in

  2. Left foot in

  3. Right hand in

  4. Left hand in

  5. Right side in

  6. Left side in

  1. Nose in
  2. Backside
  3. Head
  4. Whole Self
  5. Best Part
  6. Finale

The best part is handled somewhat uniquely.  Rather than bother with menus the best part for each dancer (guest and leader) is done randomly courtesy of SL scripting software.  The possible best part choices include two of the above:  backside and whole self, plus 8 new ones.  The ten possibilities for best part then include these:

1. Attitude (shaking a finger at the group with hand on hip)
2. Backside (one of the two regular ones from the ten normal ones above)
3. Biceps (left hand flexes the muscles of the right hand)
4. Chest female (sort of point to and then later wiggle the chest as it is pushed more obviously into the circle)
5. Chest male (shows chest, and some biceps and then at the end, beats the chest with each fist one at a time and repeats)
6. Glamour (strikes a model pose, and then at the end, wiggles hands through their hair)
7. Legs (shows a right leg that the user is very proud of, and then wiggles it at the end)
8. Pelvis (pushes the pelvic area into the circle in an obvious sort of manner, and wiggles it at the end of the sequence)
9. Sneer (begins with some wiggling of the hands by the ears, then smacks their right arm in disgust, then more hand wiggling by the ears)
10 Whole self (the other one of the two from the normal 10 during the normal event)

Anyway, much fun.  If you want to go again, at least the leader has to stand up and restart.  If the guests wish a different random best part, they should also stand and re-start in order to force another chance at a different best part.

thanks!  Hope you enjoy our products

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