A Hula show dance for up to 5 show dancers - complete with costumes, and animations   $400 per set.

Hula Mutli Line Dance  


  Includes a 5 ball line dance set for show dancing and also 11 costumes of grass skirts.  The line dance system can be used by one to five dancers and gives synchronization tot he other dancers at least every 14 seconds.

The costumes give options on the skirt, bra and underpants.  The grass skirt can either to totally opaque (cannot see through the grass elements) or semi-transparent for the more daring.  The bra choices are either green with flower print on it, or a softer pink red bra that is somewhat semi transparent, but still provides cover, in our estimation.  And the underpants are semi transparent for both options.  But the underpants option is whether or not to include an opaque (cannot see thru) crotch area for modesty.

Also included in the costumes are socks that actually give red or pink fingernail polish, and also flowers for the ears.  The flowers come in four colors - pink, red, white and yellow, and there are choices for either ear.

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