Some of you may know this dance, but not consider it a salsa, yet it is.  It is an elegant singles dance that is just ideal for ballrooms to place near their stage for singles to use.

Salsa Mutli Line Dance  




We are now actually on our fourth version of this popular salsa line dance.  We began with a simple script that synchronized salsa animations that are available in public domain within Second Life.  Those public domain animations have their good points and their bad ones.  They did look good, but ran on an angle (not level with the ground), and did not go back to their starting point as other animations.  Some of that like the angle could get fixed by other means, but their limitations made them hard to sync.  So our first unit, which to this day we still include in our package, only synchronizes when a new person joins.  We suspect our competitors even at high prices (some are. or at least were, more than ten times higher in price than us) had the same issue, since for a while this salsa dance from the places we saw would only synchronize at when a new person started dancing.  While we did get some good ratings on our first salsa dance, we realized that if we were to do our own animations - which we now do do everywhere else on newer items - means we could control it.  We also do our own sync script - which we believe is necessary to arrive at the best syncing and performance.

Well, Salsa dances are great, sexy and we really love them, and we do do many other dances, but salsa dances took us a number of generations. We do like what we have now in our Salsa3 version, and we have also developed a great favoritism for Latin dances in general.  .  And no, we did not change our low prices.  We offer our original salsa dance as it was and it was popular, but also now 12 person and 24 person version with our new script and our own animations for salsa.  With our new sync script, actually it does not sync and disturb the other dancers at startup, but new people joining will just stand for a period until the next sync signal comes along.  Then they should get the same sync signal all the other dancers will get.  Sync signals on this dance will then arrive every 30 seconds or less. 

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