Another of our customers asked us about Texas 2 step dances - and a few times.  We began this project as an experiment since we did not know how it would turn out.  We decided to try combining some complex Texas 2 Step couples animations complete with loops and turns in added dances with our custom complex script that allows multiple sync options together with a rotating dance floor to control a Western circle. We had no idea at the start how the final would look.  We love the result.  While all animations in Second Life are going to be an approximation for a number of reasons (click here for more on animations in Second Life) we think the result is a good one.  When we look at it casually, set to "Couples" - the option where the couples only sync to each other - it does resemble a Western Dance - at least to us.  Actually, we were even more impressed than it says here, but we of course do not want to oversell our products, but just to tell you which ones we think turned out well.  Hope you like it.

Texas Two Step Circle Dance  


  This is our latest and most complex form of line dance - one for couples, 8 of them, or 16 dancers, based on the Texas Two Step. We combined multiple dance animations based on not only the Texas 2 Step, but also some of its variations for turns and loops and more with very complex custom scripting that allows several sync options. All of that combines with a rotating circle of dance balls to create an interesting effect of Western Dance. We like the end result ourselves - a lot - and hope you will also.

Similar to a line dance, but for couples, the rotating dance circle keeps the dancers in position and a reasonable distance from each other that is somewhat lifelike. In so doing it does provide for 8 dance couples, or 16 dancers total in a fairly small area of a little over 10 meters by 10 meters. The result is easy for users to use, where they just click a pink or blue ball and their partner clicks the couple ball of the other color next to them. There is slight delay of an unsync-ed Texas two step, until the next master control sync command hits - which will happen in 25 seconds or less. Then the two dancers remained synced with a new sync pulse every 25 seconds or less. The Users also are allowed to use "/1 sync" to synchronize just themselves. The software verifies that it will only work for the sync balls the user is connected with as a safety.

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The dance ball in the center is mostly ornamental as far as the users are concerned, and they need not or cannot use it. However, the main center dance ball in the air is there for the owner. If the owner left clicks it, they will get a menu. That menu has many options including the choice of two dance types "Couples" where the two dancers in a couple just sync to themselves, or "Ctrl ALL" where all dancers of the 16 are synchronized together and will do the same dance routines.

Other owner options include 2 different sync commands, a reset command, stop and go to control rotation (should be normally in "go" position for realism), and Talk On and Talk Off. These last options likely would be "talk Off" - but if turned on, the software will IM the dancers as to when the dances change, what the dancers are, and that a sync just happened. The owner also has options of the dance mechanism itself for different heights depending on the ceiling height of their SL location.

The dance routines themselves are several animations which include not only the simple Texas 2 Step - or quick quick, slow slow, but also some loops and some turns and more. We also included some hip movement to add realism, and yes, some cuteness for the dancers.

We do believe that this can be a fun dance, and especially if you have a number of couples. The "Couples" choice for dance again just syncs each couple individually, but it is also geared to setup different dance sequences for different dances, such that couples dancing near one another will likely be in different parts of the dance - in order to add realism as what one would see on a real dance floor - some going straight, some turning, some looping.

We love this creation, and hope you will also.

thanks!  Hope you enjoy our products

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