BOOTS  $100 each set



Ladies Boots, Western  

Ladies Boots, Western

  Deluxe boots that try to mimic real boots in the way they attach to your avatar.  The boot system is really 5 full parts - a basic SL type boot that shapes your foot ahead of time for the boot, then 2 shoe items and attach to the avatar feet and two lower leg attachments that not only attach to the avatar lower leg, but also to the shoe boot.  What this does is mimic how a real boot works - that it clings to both your foot and your lower leg and the boots stretch in the middle of this where they connect.

Included is also powerful software that also allows the owner to via menu modify size and color as you wish.  The owner merely needs to left click any reasonable part of the boot to see the menu. 

Mens Boots, Western  

Mens Boots, Western


  Really the same features as indicated above for software on the ladies boots.  The difference between the two is style, initial sizing and also the height of the heel, which of course is slightly higher for the ladies.  But this version also includes software that the owner can use by left clicking and getting a menu and then modifying size and color.

thanks!  Hope you enjoy our products

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