Similar Approach, three basic shapes

HIGH HEEL SYSTEMs - Three shapes, similar system

Each of the three systems (shapes) are each $50 L

Beautiful high heels are combined with powerful built in menu driven software that provides easy menu selected change of both size and color. We add to that four textures and make each of those 4 pairs of shoes copy = yes to make this more than a high heel, but actually a high heel system. Yes, yes, one style, but 4 textures in that style with copy = yes, color change that you can copy for your usage as much as you wish.

Yes, copy the original shoes for safety. Then wear the shoes and size them to YOU. Then you are free to copy the shoes as much as you wish to any and all of your outfits that you would like and adjust colors that match those outfits. This is not just one shoe. This is a high heel system.




  Price Closed Heel, Pointed Toe
For each of these three sets - where all three are somewhat different shape, they share some similarities.

Those four high heel textures include:

1. Plain texture
2. Print, subtle wedding lace texture
3. Shiny - which is a shiny version of item 2
4. Glow - a very shiny version of the plain

$50 L

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Open Heels   Closed Heel, Less Pointed Toe

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$50 L

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Speaking as a merchant with years of Second Life experience, making a great high heel involves a number of different technologies. For ladies high heels, the curves in the shoe are extreme enough such that in our opinion, nothing beats a custom sculptured prim. While we also do sculptured prims ourselves, in this case we bought the rights for the sculptured prim maps from the shoes from the Second Life source we judged to be the best in the business.

Then of course one must build the shoes themselves and also apply standard Second Life knowledge of how high heels need to work and what scripts they need.

We added a third element and developed our own OnP (Owl and Pussycat) high powered script software to allow menu driven color and sizing. We like our script as being the best we have seen so far for this purpose. So sizing just becomes wearing the shoes, do a menu adjustment, do a slight shoe adjustment, and then you are done and can save it and that adjustment will be remembered after you detach the shoe back to inventory.

As for the color portion of the menu, we designed that to fit what we wanted but could not get from other color menu systems. In this case it allows 99 colors by name. But that is not where it stops. If you are like me and say, hey, that is close to right, but I want it a little darker, or a little lighter, or it needs a little more blue, the software also accommodates that. The software has two different brightness controls that can work on colors you pick, and also have a hue (RGB) changer that allows you to add a bit more blue, or have a little less green, or whatever you decide. In this manner with those added controls, it is possible to get to any allowable SL color possible - meaning thousands of choices.

We say 0 prims assuming they are worn on your avatar. In that case Second Life does not count those prims into the area total.


We now add an option of alpha layer ... such that our customers may be compatable with the new Second Life method of doing invisible heels and have an option for that.

Note that from the outside view, that the alpha layer is quite similar in external appearance to the version before it.  As such we did not change our photos.  The issue is that one must in addition the the SL shoe that shapes your foot and also the two prim heels, one must now wear a fourth item - the alpha layer that has an icon similar to a shirt.  But..... we admit we like the overall idea of the alpha layer better.  The old invisible method worked many times, but some days also showed some error around it - and error that we have not seen with the new alpha layer style.

Hope you Enjoy. We like these a lot !! - Suzie Larsen
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thanks!  Hope you enjoy our products

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