Suzie Larsen

Panty Bra Sets       Description  
With Backing          
      Lace Undies sets in 7 colors for just $20 L !!

One of our best sellers, and we can see why.

Available as shown on the left, a set of 7

with Backing.  Backing in this case means a modest

50% transparent backing to cut down on the

peek a boo effect of this lingerie.

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Without Backing          
      However this lace undies set is also available for the more daring comes also without backing.  Or more precisely - the backing for these lace undies .... is .... YOU.

Hope you try these.  We love them and these sets have proven to be a big seller for many of our customers.

- Suzie

SL Marketplace (New X-Street) Direct link (click here)