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Jeans, t00 opaque style, non-transparent


Jeans, t50 = 50% transparent below


  Transparent Jeans

One of the problems we ladies sometimes face is how to be sexy without going too far and being, well, a girl that boys do not want to take home to their mother.  Transparent jeans seem a little this way to me.  How much is too much?  And what if we change our minds?

To help with this and our mood changes (it is our right, is it not?  to change our minds?) my transparent jeans are really a set, allowing you to pick the transparency or absence of transparency that you wish to wear at the moment.  The following are a sampling of what the set might contain.  The set may include: t00, t10. t20. t35, t50 and t70.  What is that you might ask?  Well, for Suzie Larsen clothes we sometimes give the transparency rating of the clothing item.  This is give by a "t" followed by two numbers which give the percentage of transparency.  A low number means not much transparency.  A high number means that you can see through it more easily.

Now transparency will depend on what you wear underneath and how it contrasts to your skin.  In other words, if you wear no panties and have well, er, not many distinguishing features on your torso area - it might be hard to tell anything even at a high visibility rating.  On the other hand, something like pink panties will show up quickly.  So it makes a big difference what you are wearing underneath.  Here is a sampling of what my general opinion of the transparency numbers may give you, of course depending on what you wear underneath:

  • t00 = 0% transparency.  This means that the jeans are opaque and therefore not transparent at all.  You will see nothing underneath.  But this is not all bad, I do really like these jeans myself.
  • t10 = 10% transparency.  This is a little peek a boo.  People will see a darker shape or lighter shape but may not be able to make it out.
  • t20 = 20% transparency.  This is of course twice as  transparent as t10.  However, it still depends on what you wear.  You may be able to see things below but often not very distinctly.
  • t35 = 35% transparency.  At this transparency, you can generally make out objects somewhat clearly beneath the jeans.
  • t50 =50% transparency.  This is as shown in the picture on the below right.  You can often clearly see objects through it.
  • t70 = 70% transparency.  This one is for only the very brave. At this point more of the bottom items are visible than the jeans themselves.

Hard to tell if I will keep all of the above exact transparency types in the set, however, the set for $ L 10 will include a number of different transparency levels to give you at least a little choice.

Note that we have also a darker set of blue denim jeans, that can be worn by either men or women. 

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