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  Flexi Skirt Maker  - MANUAL - Branding to YOUR name

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Notecard 5: Branding your own name

Note: Texture values are now different on the prim starting material pieces on this newer edition of this deluxe skirt maker from OnP - compared to older versions.. Some advice is in notecard #6 (texture spreading manual here on line)  for how to upgrade if you have already branded your own prims. However, there is no big trick. Since the new added software is a texture spreader, the new prim material beginning pieces, all 30. now have on their texture tab texture repeats for both horizontal and vertical set to "1.0", and both offsets - horizontal and vetical set to "0.0", and rotation is set to "180 degrees".

SL Permission and Ownership.
We will be the first to admit that dealing with SL permissions and ownerships can be a rough day. But our intention here is that yes, we wish to be the only person selling this kit – with our complex software and textures, with some of the textures complex as well. However, for those who do buy this item legitimately, we do wish you the best success on selling items that you create with it. So what we will do here is to help you with brand identity. But please, for both of our sakes, please be careful to ensure that you also protect somewhat that which you sell and or transfer. We wish you the best at success and of protecting yourself as well.

Permissions wrong on Finished Skirt!
This should be in the text other places as well, but we suggest:
1. Ensuring that before you transfer or sell the flexi skirts, that you remove the software and probably everything inside the contents tab of the skirt, just leaving the skirt object. That will help permissions and you and me and also cut down on lag in sims.
2. If after removing the software, SL still says that the skirt is no modify no transfer, that can mean that SL still is not aware that it should be clear. Try taking the skirt into inventory if it is not there already. Then rez the skirt again to the ground. Then take a copy or the skirt itself. We found that that fixes this problem at least for our testing. It forces SL to look closer at the skirt permissions.

MORE: Remove the software from the main item such that you can now transfer or sell the item. If permissions still block you from transferring and selling it, rez the item to the ground that now has zero software or other junk in its contents, and then take it again into inventory or take a copy. We found that that works when we had this issue. Not sure why SL does not know when software is removed. But when you take it into inventory, and not just detaching it, SL seems forced to again look at what real permissions should be. For multiple reasons especially if you transfer the skirt, the software and items inside should be removed. One is for permissions. The second is that software ties up sims. The third is that honestly, once the skirt is made, the items inside just get in the way and clutter up SL., and some places even object to avatars bringing in "too much" software or other that creates lag on their sims. So best for all to do a clean up when done.

OWNERSHIP – What I would do
If I were reading this same note, I would try and make the skirt as much in my business name as possible. And I agree that you can, as long as you purchased this item legitimately. Here is what I would do. I would copy the skirt maker. Then with one of them, I would rez it and copy the contents to a folder. Then I would examine the cylinder and the sample skirt material inside. I would reverse engineer both the cylinder and the skirt samples in my name and use my named stuff. What do I mean by reverse engineering? Begin to build a prim in your name. Then edit the item you are trying to copy from and go to the second tab. Make your build item the same type of material – cylinder, box, prism. Then look at each box and copy the same numbers in each category to your build item. Be careful to also look at cut and taper and the like as well as dimensions. Of course the position can be different. Now that is what I would do with the cylinder.

SAMPLE ITEMS – MAKING YOUR OWN - so the skirt pieces carry "YOUR" name
Of course before starting this, ensure you made a safe copy of all starting items in this kit in case you wish to start over again.

Now there is an easier way to do this. Copy likely the design numbers on the 1.5 meter high version for example to your build item. When all looks correct, save it to the very exact same name as the item you are copying. There must be no difference in the name at all – not even added spaces. Then ensure all permissions are granted, and then “take a copy” if you can, if you are using the beta version. Now here is the easy part. Once you have a piece of material copied exactly, you only need to change two items to make each of the others. This is why you take a copy and leave the good one out there. So next, change the name perhaps to the 1.2 version and then also change the length of the item (length = z size) to 1.2 and press 'enter' to ensure it takes it. Then – that one is done! Just take a copy and move onto the 1.0, and the 0.9, 0.8, 0.7, 0.6, 0.5, 0,4 and 0.3 ones. When done with that set, then move on and do the other two sample types until you have all done – boxes, prisms and cones all in your name. But again remember that the names must be identical to the names of the items we supplied you with. The reason is that software will call each item precisely by name. If the software cannot find the item in inventory, it will give you an error.

Of course, you can also modify the enclosed starting samples to suit your own tastes if you disagree with the sample types we supply. Please just remember to have them trigger from the names used in the menu already, such as "cone 0.07" and such - since the items and the menu name must precisely match

You might ask why we supplied textures but not the clothes items. Yes that means that if interested, you must make the clothes samples from them. Of course, when you make the clothes, they should have your name on them as the creator. Please note that while they are supplied in white, that means that you can under "appearance" change the color to anything you want, any color that SL can do. In that way, you can use the slips to blend in and match the skirts.

We definitely like the slip idea that we supply here including the slip tops. We believe that it adds a nice feminine touch and only needs panties added for pretty under things. But as soon of course as we provide a slip top piece the issue then becomes how a top can work with the slip below and not show the straps or other items once. We therefore supply some “top” (shirt) textures that are purposely designed to cover up the slip upper section below.


thanks!  Hope you enjoy our products

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