BAR KIT - make your own elegant bar, complete with animations
$L 900    
  Yes, of course, this kit includes the bars themselves, and elegant plus low prim they are.  Choose from five styles, and with or without foot rests.

Five different styles of custom bars, 4
different pictures of bottle arrays for
behind the bar, custom textures
included. Four different style barstools.
Modify more via instructions.

But there is more.  In our opinion, the hard work just begins at the bar, but the animations needed as part of the bar stools require more work and effort.

  While the colors of our bar stools included may vary, we do tell how you can change texture on them as well as color.  Actually changing texture on them is better and easier than changing color.  If you are familiar at all with textures, just drag your favorite texture to the part of the bar stool you wish.   Since the bar stools are single texture, avoid loading a texture to the whole item - since that will cover the whole bar stool.  Dragging a texture to a part of even this single prim barstool works.  But we do offer several different color styles in the package and yes they may differ from the colors right on the left.  To make gold?  Add a yellow color to our aluminum appearing models.

But the real work is in the animation,  A user clicking the bar stool can adjust the stool in any of four directions - SL North, South, East and West.  And the bar stool actually swivels and not the avatar just as it would in real life.  This also helps prevent problems with sitting or drinking animations, since of course it all should work together.  And also on the menu, the user can decide to sit straight, cross feet, or cross legs.  Neat.  Now you can actually face the person you are talking to.

  What to do if no bar tender around?  We include a menu driven drink giver, that is elaborate in looks but only 4 prim - since it uses custom textures on custom sculpted prim bottles.  So you get elegance and low prim at the same time.  This drink giver has a number of features.  First it is made to work with the above bar stools.  So then, sit first, and then take a drink, and both animations sitting and drinking will both work on your avatar at the same time.  The drink giver is also unique that if you select size and large drink before using the menu, the animation will be more geared towards large avatars, such as cowboys trying to fill the whole western scene with their presence and scare the bad guys.  And of course included are a number of drinks of different kinds, from coffee and lemonade to hard liquor and even bottles and even fancy drinks.  Each of those drinks of course contains their own drinking animation - one that takes an occasional drink just as people do in real life.

38 varieties of drinks ! each
with two possible anims (choice)
for tall or average avatars.

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