Pose Dressing Stand 2


  POSE DRESSING STAND 2 - menu driven - of course

$L 500

  While we offer three styles of this, no matter which you choose to use it will be just one prim - and up to 50 poses !  The styles:
  1. Posing stand below
  2. Pose ball below
  3. Pose ball above the avatar

The reason for the variation?  Well, if it is used for dressing, perhaps the posing stand version is the best.  But if using for portraits for taking pictures of folks, the pose ball below or above might be the least in the way of your camera shot.  So we give a few alternatives.

* Turn stand any
of 4 directions
via menu
* Poses for:
* stand: 22
* sit: 9
* lie down: 7
* active: 11
* rotate (3 speeds) standing position

the stand itself or pose ball is the item that turns in any four directions.  So unlike a normal posing stand, you could care less when you rez this item what direction it faces since you can simply change the direction at any time.  The rotate command is something we do that we have not seen elsewhere.  Three speeds.  Rotate slow to see what you look like from all directions.  Rotate fast or spin to see your skirt movement (if you are wearing one of course :) ).

A great item to just simply own and use!

thanks!  Hope you enjoy our products

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