This dressing helper actually includes two separate items - simple looking but complex menu generated gold pose stand above, and the attempt at simulating a dressing table below.  The whole idea of this menu driven dressing is that a simple pose stand can drive us all mad since it only gives one view.  One wants then to see how the sides look, and then the back, and what it might look like if the model strikes a pose.  Both of these items have much in common including the poses and animations, but also the ability to change viewpoint of front to back to each side by menu clicking only.  So see it all, but have your SL camera and your nerves at rest.

$L 500

  While the dressing mirror below seemed a great idea at the time, we admit that at this point we ourselves tend to use the simple gold stand more often.  Oh yes, one added feature to this menu driven ware.  We have now added a feature on each of three menu screens to rotate your avatar for a 360 look at how you look dressed the way you are.  While each of three menu screens has a rotate function low on the menu, the speeds differ.  One is very slow, one is medium speed, and the last of the three approaches a twirl.  So if you are a lady with a skirt, you might get to see if the skirt swishes much.

Sound odd?  Those of us who have used menu driven dressing now would never give up.  One satisfied customer told me that she uses hers daily and loves it.  You might also.


thanks!  Hope you enjoy our products

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