Low Prim


What's the Point of Low Prim?

As you notice reading our articles, you will find that we are obsessed with low prims (objects).  So are most of the great designers in Second Life from what we see.  The problem is that in Second Life, even if we claim to own land, we must pay Linden or another rent each month for their server time and their support teams.  We could claim that it is square meters we are renting, but to a pro builder in Second Life, the land only matters to a point - and then the real issue becomes how many prims are allowed.

I have been told in Second Life at times that classy people want complex items with many prims.  Well, complex, nice looking and many prims are different subjects.  Quite often something can be made that looks even nicer and uses fewer prims if they know most of the Second Life build secrets of:  multiple shapes, path cuts, hollows, twist, box corners that can take the place of multiple prims, sculptured prims, taper, slant, number of turns, hole size, complex textures and much more along those lines.  The beginning SL builders tend to make things using many simple parts and pay high rent therefore per item.  The pro builders in SL think before they build and say - hey I can do this for this section, a sculptured prim over there, and a complex texture can make this section appear to be 8 parts, so I think I can do it in just a few prims.

Of course we agree that things should not be so simple as to look bad, so we use the tricks we can, but honestly like our end result.  Recall that Einstein once said "make things as simple as you can, but no simpler".  lol.  Good advice to an SL builder or creator - use every skill and trick you can to eliminate prims but still make it look nice.

Now while sculptured prims are getting more and more popular on second life, sometimes it may be hard viewing them or even understanding what they are.  There is more on this subject how to get the most out of them by clicking here.

Getting the Most out of Life

I am sure some will say... but but... I still want my high prim stuff.  Okay, but prims are like money and can only be spent once.  If you use high prim things, that means that your land will have less options, less total features, then if you conserved.  For example.  I once furnished apartments thinking of renting them out.  I was going to furnish them since I could give exceptional living for I think it was 36 prims, and if left to their own, renters might use 200 and have much less power, seating and fun.  For about 36 prims, this is what I offered - two 3 seater couches, with sitting poses build in so it seated six, a four chair dining table and chair set with poses built into the chairs, a cuddle blanket with menu driven 27 poses and animations, a love bed with a more serious 27 love animations built in, a dressing ball that was menu driven and allowed up to 27 poses in different directions so you could view your outfits in all sorts of directions, including rotation, without ever moving your view point.  And yes, a coffee table, fountain, and about 7 paintings on the wall including one of the mona lisa and one of blue boy.  So one had seating for 11, and also menu driven cuddling and love within two items.  Oh yes, colored crystal vases in several places.  Hopefully you will agree with me, that most people who would furnish a place with 200 prims just are not going to usually get that level of seating, animations or fun.

Following my own advice

Someone looking at the land Owl and Pussycat mall is on and the Pussycat Ballroom and say, wow, your have a lot of land and are allowed more than 2000 prims.  Well, I worry about every one of those prims, and never have one out I dont need or can work around.  And I feel like I am a winner.  We have a ballroom that I feel is very classy with a nice stage, many dance options, an outside island with animated fish, swans, ducks, crabs, rabbits and more.  And yes you can also dance there.  Inside the mall we have two stories of just hundreds of items for sale, some of which are even on display.  I even have a skybox where I can create.  And we often have 600 unused prims we can use for creating new things or events or whatever.  I really feel like I am getting my money's worth from the Lindens in getting this much stuff, this much fun, out of that amount of land and prims.

For you

We try to offer you the same help as we ourselves want. So we do sell dining tables of fine sculptured prim that have 4 seats with built in poses yet the whole set is only 5 prims total - one prim for each piece.  Our 27 animation love bed and 27 animation cuddle blankets are each maximum 6 prims.  We try to offer our fine customers the same high standard of living we enjoy - many many features for the rental dollar.  Hope you agree with at least some of that.

- Hunter Bronet

thanks!  Hope you enjoy our products

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