The need for keeping your avatar low complexity, was a learning experience, at least for us. At one time when we only worried about how many prims on our land, and economizing there, it seemed that no matter what an avatar wore, it was free! free! free! Well, in a way it is. Things you wear do not add into the prims on the land. However, as avatars became more and more complex, Second Life had a hard time at least on crowded sims drawing the complexities of the avatars. And so you might have noticed that when you add certain mesh or other objects to your avatar, that you could see Second Life writing you a note in your upper right hand screen portion telling you your current complexity. And yes, and then a few of us noticed that if your avatar was too complex, that you might not be seen at all on some crowded simes, because some computers did not have the power to keep drawing all of that complexity. And it is good to be seen. :) And so, for ourselves, at one time we did not care about complexity. Next we thought that if we kept complexity less than 100,000 that we would be fine. Neither of those work for us any more. So then we set a new goal of 35,000 maximum. But that goal also did not last. Second Life would at times tell us that we still could not be seen. Our current goal is 25,000 total or less, and sometimes we are less than 20,000. How did we do it? We show at least some of the suppliers including ourselves who help with this. Below is our scheme to keep complexity low. The below assumes mesh avatar, but keeping the SL face

  • Mesh Avatar - Maitreya we use mostly (though we also have a number more mesh avatars for our own product testing)

  • Mesh Hair - Rezology - who at one time had high complexity, but then changed their entire stock to low complexity. They should get an award.

  • Mesh Clothes /Underwear- OnP Owl and Pussycat, or Baii Maii or a few others

  • Mesh Nylons - OnP Owl and Pussycat or Emily C

  • Mesh Heels/Boots - OnP Owl and Pussycat, or a few others

  • Eyes - IKON, Redgrave - note that like some others, we do not see mesh eyes as an advantage, and hence are fine with normal eyes if the company does a spectacular job on artwork. And we believe that IKON and Redgrave does do that. Mesh eyes also can be high complexity while normal eyes add nothing to complexity

  • Vagina (if desired) - DS'ELLES - (BOX)(WEAR)PUBIC Hud For Maitreya. And yes, a person could argue for the XTC mesh vagina which is quite fine, but it could add 6000 or more to complexity. Perhaps just using the layers from the Ds'elles hud is good enough for most usages... at least we thought so. And then perhaps XTC for special events when the complexity addition is worth it

  • Eyebrows - We avoid the mesh or object ones and try to achieve at least a normal eyebrow look by a good shape and a good skin. And yes, the skin can have much to do with whether or not you can have normal eyebrows.

  • Skin - does not add to complexity of course, at least not for SL type faces on a mesh avatar body. However, we do like Esode skins. We suspect there are other good ones also in the marketplace.

  • Makeup - OnP Owl and Pussycat .. although for an SL face if using tattoos as we do, there is no complexity addition

We do tend to often like our own clothes, underwear, nylons, high heels and boots, since we tried to make them work toegheter. Some times our fitmesh Maitreya dresses will not only come in the normal size, but some additional sizes if you wish to wear mesh underwear below. And our high heels and boots for Fitmesh Maitreya also have sizes, one for bare skin and another for usage with nylons or pantyhose.

thanks!  Hope you enjoy our products

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