Clothing Inventory Hints



Over 10 years here on Second Life, we have tried several different ways to store clothes in inventory for quick wearing. This is our latest system that we feel is the best. For Ease of writing, * will mean folders.


* Options (Such as hair, makeup, shape change)

* Main Body that seldom changes - flat feet

* Main Body that seldom changes - raised feet for high heels

* Outfit 1

* Outfit 2

How does the above work?

STEP ONE:  The Main Body folders, differ from each other in that one does flat feet for swim suits and the like, and the other does raised feet for high heels or some boots. It includes the mesh avatar (if you wish) set to flat or raised freet, and also facial items needed (tattoos perhaps if an SL head), including hair, starting physics choices for body wiggle, and a shape, skin, eyes, AO, and whatever else is commonly part of you. Decide on flat or raised feet, and then DRAG the folder top over to your avatar. This will clear anything currently on your avatar and set it up to a naked body with your hair, shape, mesh avatar preferences.

STEP TWO: Now you are ready for the outfits. In this case, do not "drag" the outfit to your avatar also, since that will reset what you just did in step one. Instead, open the outfit folder. Inside might be underwear, dress or slacks or shorts, top, perhaps nylons, perhaps high heel shoes. Or perhaps there is just a swim suit there that is just a top and bottom. Note that outfits can be preset to colors. So one outfit might be "Jean shorts blue", and another "Jean shorts red top" with all of the colors matching, including underwear if needed and shoes. Since you cannot drag these items to your avatar, instead, highlight all of the items within the outfit. You can do this by holding down the ctrl key and clicking each one. Or you can highlight the set by clicking on the top item, and then use shift and click at the same time on the bottom item to highlight them all. Then when they are highlighted, right click the group of them and choose "add". Now you should be fully dressed. Note that to change outfits later, go to the inventory location and select all of the items in the outfit by highlighting them, and right click and choose "detach". Then you are ready for another item. Clicking "worn" on the top of your inventory can help you find the outfit quickly perhaps.

STEP THREE: (optional) - As a final touch, you may or may not decide on options, such as hair change, shape change, physics addition for body wiggle, or jewelry or more. These should be under your Options folder. You would just choose "add" mostly or in some cases (practice) "wear" might be better to add a new hair and detach the old hair at the same time.


  • Maitreya Body Folder

    • Maitreya Hands (might be two of these)

    • Maitreya Feet - (note these would be HUD adjusted for flat or raised feet for high heels)

    • Maitreya Main Body Lara

    • Maitreya Mesh Body Alpha

    • Maitreya Tip-Toe FeetShape

  • Suzie Specific Items

    • Mesh Hair

    • Eyes

    • Shape Model Tall ht87 br50 bt50 (we often give height ht, breast size br, and butt size bt in the title)

    • Skin

    • tattoo eyeliner

    • tattoo eye shadow

    • bald hair normal

  • AO (animation overide)

  • Physics medium


  • Dress Glamour Dark Red

    • Mesh Dress

    • Mesh Bra

    • Mesh Panties

    • Mesh Nylons

    • Mesh High Heels

  • Jean Shorts Blue

    • Mesh lace crop top blue

    • Jean Shorts

    • Mesh High Heels


  • Hair Options
    • ponytail
    • long
    • page boy
    • pixie
  • Shape Options
    • Shape Model Tall Busty ht87 br75 bt55
    • Shape Model Short ht55 br50 bt50
  • Makeup Options
    • tattoo eyeliner
    • tattoo eyeshadow
    • tattoo lips
    • tattoo cheek blush
    • tattoo beauty mark
  • Physics Options
    • Physics light
    • Physics Medium
    • Physics High


A person could certainly ask, "Why not just copy the correct naked body main folder items into each outfit? Then you only need to drag one item over to your avatar? That does also work, and what we ourselves mostly did for years. But then we found out that any time we changed our basic "selves" in the naked main body, we had to go through the whole clothes inventory and make changes all over. That was quite time consuming. By separating the main naked body from the outfits, well, changes to either are just faster. Think of the naked main body for flat feet or raised feet as something that seldom changes. But if it does change, should still be fast. The outfits are done more specific in each case and we suggest even down to the color. That way it is still a fast process... just two steps instead of one. Oh, of course, if you decide that today you want hair or other options, that would be a third step.

thanks!  Hope you enjoy our products

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