for Maitreya Mesh Avatars


  Note that these outerwear items are fashioned for the Maitreya Mesh Body only.
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  OnP Mesh Maitreya Snuggle Dress

This fitted mesh dress originally designed for Maitreya Mesh Avatars, also seemed to work well in our tests with Tonic Natural Beauty Mesh Avatars and a bit (50% breast size or less, and other settings need changing) with Tonic Curby Beauty Mesh Avatars. It is normally designed for a tight fit, but if you wish more space, or underwear underneath, or try using a Tonic Curvy Body, 3 sizes are provided... the normal "Maitreya" one plus a medium and a large. Tonic Natural Beauty seems to take the normal size.

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  OnP Mesh Maitreya Dragon Dress

This dress is named for those late night movies where an insanely beautiful woman is in charge of an operation, and perhaps called "The Dragon Lady". Like the above it comes in three sizes and seems to work easily for Maitreya or Tonic Natural Beauty, a bit for Tonic Curvy Beauty. The sizes may also help if you wish to wear mesh underwear beneath.

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  OnP Mesh Maitreya Jeans (or Slacks) and Top

It would be hard to imagine a wardrobe for ladies without jeans or slacks. This does both, and adds an optional belt and buckle.

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  OnP Mesh Maitreya Bunny Costume

For Maitreya Mesh Avatars Only. We have done many costumes over time, but our favorite has always been a bunny costume. Yes, some ladies like to be cats, and we might work on that, but we like bunny tails better at this time. It includes 4 separate rigged mesh items with the bodysuit being fitted fitmesh for the Maitreya Avatar.

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OnP Mesh Maitreya Micro Skirts   OnP Mesh Maitreya Micro Skirt and Top

The Hud allows you not only to modify textures, colors and transpancies, but you can set several areas to 100% transparency and make the skirt shorter for example.

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OnP Mesh Maitreya Sarongs   OnP Mesh Maitreya Sarong and Top

A hint of the tropical islands. A Sarong with a number of HUD textures and colors and a top that can be matched.

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OnP Mesh Maitreya Shorts   OnP Mesh Maitreya Shorts and Top

This outfit can be either jean shorts, or 8 different textures of color shorts. The HUD also allows color tinting, transparency change and texture change for the top or even for the shorts if you wish it.

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OnP Mesh Maitreya Jean SHorts   OnP Mesh Maitreya Jeanshorts and Top

Very short jean shorts, that might get you noticed. However, the jean shorts also can be color tinted by the HUD and have room for at least a few kinds of mesh panties, including a few of the ones we provide mesh for Maitreya. The top of course can be modified by area allowing you to open a neckline, back, or shorten it from the bottom or to add trim or more changes.

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  OnP Mesh Maitreya Bodysuit2 and Harness

This project began with a bodysuit, and then grew! We liked the bodysuit, but for walking around we thought we would add a skirt to it that responded to the same hud so it would match. And then a skirt was added. With some more complex changes, we also made a version that some second life dancers call a harness. Well, some dancers like such a thing. Up to you if you do. There are two main HUDs, one for the bodysuit and one for the harness. There is also a simple hud for the harness that does not contain textures and instead just triggers a menu. Its purpose is for use for some key items for dancers on crowded sims, such as making the bra or panty area go invisibile, or then come back when you wish it.

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Maitreya Fitmesh:  Outerwear, Lingerie, Nylons and Pantyhose and Garters

Classic Mesh (sizes): Dresses, Skirts, Lingerie



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