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  These are items that we felt would be helpful for those avatars wearing our mesh clothes - depending on a person's tastes of course. These objects are not necessarily mesh, since we instead used whatever method we believed would give the most value appearance and features for the lowest impact on a sim. That means that one of our goals is to keep sim lag low, when we know that we can do things that we can improve it over other options.

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  OnP Ladies Boa with HUD

We really do like this one ourselves. And after we got "something to work" we then gave an option on size, and added a HUD to give color, transparency, and brightness options.

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  OnP Glasses, Sun Glasses, Menu Driven

No, it is not mesh. On the other hand, the variety here might be hard to do in mesh we think... and we do do mesh. But as for being used with a mesh avatar, why not?

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  OnP Touch and Tell Software

For those who wish to play and have some adult fun. This product is invisible when you wear it, but really consists of spheres and the like around your body that sense if someone touches you. The menu allows you to in turn allow a message to be sent in the chat channel to show that you were touched, and an optional response that is said to come from you.

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  OnP HUD Greeter

Need to greet people when they arrive and have something to tell you when they arrive? Or wish an auto greeter that will try and greet their arrival even if you are not there? This could work for you.

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thanks!  Hope you enjoy our products


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