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  We learned long ago, how to make our own animations for objects and not simply use those that some people believe are in the public domain. And then later we learned how to make our own engine to control animations and found that we could add even more features than at least some competitors we saw on the market. In general, our scripts also allow not only animations and menus, but also the possibility for some positioning to adjust for different size avatars for each animation set.

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  OnP Mesh Love Bed With Anims

This is perhaps at least our 3rd version of love bed, and by far, the most powerful with the most menus and options. It can also be single prim mesh if you put the pose balls away when not in usage.

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  OnP Mesh Lesbian Love Bed

We had often had a female-female bed type. In this case, our standard full new bed has so many features that the lesbian additions exceeded our original lesbian love bed. And so, this bed is similar to the one above, except that we believe we did modify its starting point a bit expecting female female avatars... mostly. Of course, we are LGBT friendly, and we try to accomodate everyone. In Second Life especially, people should be whomever they wish to be... otherwise, what would be the point of Second Life?

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  OnP Mesh Couch with Anims

This couch has some of the complexity of our love bed, but also some different animations and of course also different script settings in order to accomodate the different shape of a couch compared to a bed. 6 menus, and choice of appearance.

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  OnP Mesh Armchair

This product one might consider a combination chair, but also having some of the type of animations in the couch or bed above. It also provides a four chair arrangement with a table in the center that you can easily throw down somewhere for a sitting area complete with some animations.

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  OnP Mesh and Non Mesh Spanking Chairs

This product comes in both a sinple prim (with pose balls put away) version and a 4 prim version. The reason is that complexity of the single prim mesh does not always allow it to be seen well at a distance, while the 4 prim version can be seen further. You can try both.
This one is different than the other items above, since it is interactive. The person sitting of course dominates and chooses the basic scene of talking, or lol, other. And the other person gets to choose from multiple reactions. While the reaction menu may seem similar for each scene, it actually uses different animations depending on that scent.

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