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Ah!  Hot Air balloon rides!  Much fun!  Yes, you can program these balloons to go on tours on your sim.  There are even special instructions if you wish for sim crossings, or to travel fast to a high up skybox.  And no, the trip to the high up skybox still is a ride and tour - roughly at 90 scale miles an hour to save time - but the passengers can still see the items pass by.  Yes, for a balloon tour, the ride is the fun.

How to do it?  Well, get a system from us first.  :)  But then instructions inside tell you how to program the notecard instructions that can guide the balloons in up to 72 small partial journeys along the way.  Each of these partial journeys must be 60 meters or less from each other.  Want to go 240 meters in one direction or more?  No problem.  It just means you would do four lines of coding breaking the 240 meters into about 60 meters each.  Like most things, it is only hard the first time you do it.  By balloon two or three, it should get easier.  And most of our tour products work similarly. 

To save prims, the balloons are rezzed by a rezzing station only when customers wish them.  Then the balloons wait about 10 seconds for boarding, (right click a seat cushion, up to 3 avatars can ride).  Then the gondola does its ride or tour as you programmed it.  At the end of the balloon tour, the balloon comes in close to ground, and then dies on you last command maybe two meters above ground, and then the passengers are unseated and float down to ground while the balloon "dies" - saving you prims when it is not in usage.

The below may give you a quick idea how balloons and the rezzing stations are programmed for usage.  It is just locations.  And also if you want the balloon to rotate for realism each leg of the journey.  Not so hard.  Just locations in your sim.  Of course, detailed instructions are in the kit.



- Hunter Bronet

thanks!  Hope you enjoy our products

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