Catwalk 3


CATWALK 3, Programmable Avatars


Note - the Scenery is not included of course.
What is included is the Models Dressing area in Back of the Blue Screen
Plus the u shaped (looks 0 shaped) walkway in front
4 Starting Catwalks, programmers and aids

$L 350

SL Marketplace (New X-Street) Direct link (click here)

What is this thing you ask?  It is a catwalk system and more - that can propel avatars around a defined area.  We had sold a catwalk, and then revised it into a catwalk 2.  We do like that item, but we had people wanting more.  And while we liked that system it was done totally using the power of animations only, and SL has limitations on distance and more on what you can do with animations.  Also, it was just not that easy to revise.  And so one could say that we changed "everything".  Instead of just animations, we use a silver ball that avatars ride on that quickly becomes invisible.  That invisible ball then leads the avatar through a series of program steps that have it walk down an aisle, and then pose in two directions at one corner, and then walk to another corner and pose in two other directions, and then walk back.  The whole trip outside we believe we measured at over 50 seconds.   If you include the portion inside the dressing area hidden to viewers, it is over a minute.

And so, what is this engine that drives the avatars around?  Nothing simple, ha ha, we can assure you, since it sure was not easy - even for someone quite used to SL software and animations.  The avatar mover uses SL physics for smoothness of movement.  But since SL physics sometimes wander, we add complex software to give it continual corrections - both in position and direction it is facing.  Then the software loads programming information that we or you write that tells it what animation to use and what facial expression to use, and where it should end up and how long to take.  Whewie!  5 items of info for each programming step!  The relative position from the starting point in x,y,z (relative meaning you subtract the starting point), the direction to face while doing that step, the animation to use such as "sexy walk"  or "ma walk" or a modeling pose, the facial expression to use, big smile, smile, kiss or another of the 18 choices, and the time to take for the step.  If by now you are frightened of the complexity of programming, do not be.  We include 4 catwalks for four SL directions of N, S , East and West that can be set up in minutes and then used.  But even if you decide to program, since the programming scared us as well, ha ha, we invented a programmer where you just walk around and click menu choices.  It is so easy, that even WE can do it.  :)  And we include another aid a direction changer in case you faced north when you did programming but now want east, west or south.  It gives you the new code to copy and paste in.

And so, you could use our catwalks in minutes.  Or you could revise the code in ours.  Or you could use the programmer to use to make your own catwalk design of different shape and distances.  And if that were not all, that is just the catwalk.  The catwalk uses a simpler "rez and die" type avatar mover we wrote the software for such that models can rez it when they want it, one of six choices - Fem 1, 2 or 3, or Male 1, 2 or 3, and then when done using it, the avatar mover evicts the user in the dressing room and then "dies" such that it does not litter your site with dead prims.

But if that is not enough, we then took the engine and made it more powerful even allowing a "return" or "Repeat" at the end (note repeat includes a return) and more animations into a general type avatar mover.  And so we include a more powerful programmer with it that can give a choice of 54 animations, compare to the 32 that the catwalk programmer does.  And what would you do with an avatar programmer?  That is up to you.  We sometimes seem to have need for such a thing.  Hope you enjoy!



- Hunter Bronet

thanks!  Hope you enjoy our products

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