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What's this all about?  Think Venice.  Think romantic gondola rides for two!  Sounds like fun?  Yes you need a flat spot on your sim, or use a skybox to create a Venice.  In our package we even include some helpful information and some other helpful items like bridges and trees and plans for putting a Venice area together.  How big?  Our skybox is 128 meters by 64 meters and is plenty big for this.  Smaller could work also, depending on how you feel.  You could also use SL water on ground level if you wish. 

So, what do you do?  After acquiring the item?  Well, you plan out the spots for the gondola to go.  Think in straight lines or brief corners when you get to them.  You would program as many lines up to 72 of gondola instructions that you wish - each equal to or less than 60 meters from each other.  And then you put the notecard directions you just did into the gondola "contents" tab, and then the gondola itself goes into a rezzing station.  Then a customer comes up to the rezzing station, clicks it and gets a menu.  Then the customer picks a gondola ride.  The rezzing station rezzes the gondola, and the passengers (one or two) board.  The gondola will then do its tour, and then at the end following your program it would set the passengers down safely on ground.  Then the gondola dies to save you prims.  Below are the short instructions for all of this.  Of course full instructions are in the package.  With copy = yes, have as many gondolas and gondola rezzing stations on your property that you wish.  And yes, the gondola man is fake.  But, you did want privacy did you not?  And if a passenger clicks the gondolier, the gondolier will sing in chat during the trip.




- Hunter Bronet

thanks!  Hope you enjoy our products

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