Owlavator / Elevator / Teleporter

An Owlavator?  Recall the movie Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory.  Willy said he had a wonkavator.  He said an elevator could go up and down but a wonkavator can do that much and also go sideways.  Yes.  That is what this does.  Up to 5000 meters any direction - but since it should be used only on your land, that means the width of your property but also any skyboxes - since we believe sky boxes can only go up to 4096 meters, all skyboxes on your land should be possible.  Well, we worried that Willy might not like us calling this a Wonkavator, so we named it after Owl and Pussycat and call it an owlavator.  And yes, of course we use it ourselves and love it!  We use some of each style but use some of the multiple passenger ones so people in our mall can get to departments fast, and we do use the optional entrance lock code items for places we do not want the public to have access to.  Yes, lock codes are optional on all.


$L 500

  While teleporters indeed exist in SL, I was not happy with what I personally saw for a few reasons.  One was not enough features convenient for my usages in getting people around my land.  The second was that their usage was also confusing.  So we invented this menu driven version, that gives you five possibilities.  Since four of those possibilities look like elevators, the use of course is going to be obvious to your customers, unlike many teleporters we have seen.  And several of them have the instructions on them to make it even easier for customers.  And one of the styles can carry two people at once, and another three people at once (to the same destination where the first to enter is the driver.  How to use?  You as owner would set up a notecard and we give help and examples on that.  The notecard simply gets added to each owlavator.  You can set up up to 12 places per owlavator.  Since Owlavators can be copied, you can have some going other directions such as real hotels do. And yes, you can set up a combination locking code in any of them to restrict usage.  The styles:
  1. Elevator Shaped - 3 person carry capacity - 4 prims
  2. Elevator Shaped - 2 person carry capacity - 3 prims
  3. Elevator Shaped - 1 person carry capacity - 1 prim
  4. Elevator bullet shape - 1 person - 2 prims
  5. Simple Pose stand shape - 1 person - 1 prim
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thanks!  Hope you enjoy our products

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