PEOPLE MOVER    $L 100

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  Our NEW MAGIC CARPET version

We just love this device and so we keep improving it.  It is something that you stand on that can take you up down, forward, reverse, left, right, and keep going in that directions if you like.  It can work in SL space and go through walls, and can be used to find things or to work on things while you hold quite steady.

  Use it to work on your skyboxes and to get around quickly.  Our new version has menu driven "gears" that determine how far you go each step.  However, actual movement is even easier and uses the direction keys or page up or down and can repeat.  What?  Your keyboard has no direction keys?  The instructions tell you what keyboard keys you can use instead - the a,s,d,w,e,c keys.  Go 0.1 m or 100 meters each move or each time you hold down a direction key (they repeat).


Perhaps you are a building and just lost a prim by sending it in the wrong direction quickly.  Perhaps you guess that you sent it 1000 meters straight up.  How to get it?  Pull out your people mover and go up there and look.  If you find it where you are guessing, just take it or delete it as you wish.  Or perhaps as a builder you want to be perfectly still in space while working on your skybox.  Yes, this can do that.




Works best on your own land.  The problem with this item is its power, and it may make you think you can go anywhere or do anything.  But going into ground, even your own, can be restrictive to SL rules.  Going on others land can have any number of restrictions for stopping your travel, to wedging or taking your people mover.  Fortunately this is copy = yes, such that if your neighbor's sim takes yours, you can just rez another, on your own land.

thanks!  Hope you enjoy our products

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