Outlaw Target Practice


  OUTLAW TARGET PRACTICE - menu driven - of course

$L 200

  Usage?  Okay, let us say you are in a wild west sim - perhaps tombstone, savage frontier or another and want to get more accurate at shooting weapons.  And what you see available are bottles and red round targets. Well, now, if you ever get attacked by a green bottle or a red target, those are just fine.  lol.  :)   But perhaps even better would be to have real silhouettes of real looking avatars or people, whom you might in fact be shot at in Second Life.

This item is menu driven and offers several options.  The first is choice of game.  You can choose just pop up targets that just stand still for you to shoot.  That is a great way to start.  But more fun if you set the targets to move, and much harder also, and that is also an option, and is somethin